Easter At Home 🐣 How to See Family and Friends Safely

This Easter, April 12th, most people are celebrating safely, from home. Luckily, there are plenty of ways for you to connect with your family and friends while staying safe.

You can share a little sunshine and see the faces of those you love from the safety of your own home!

Facetime, Google Duo, and Zoom are all options for remote connection. These applications allow people to share video calls with cell phones, laptops, and even desktop computers if you have a webcam and a microphone.

You can send a present to your loved one today and watch them open it on Easter morning. We have two excellent Easter Bunny options for the hoppers in your life! 🐰🐰

Click on the coin pendant necklace you like best to get the details, it will open in a new tab.

Then, keep scrolling to learn how to use Facetime, Google Duo, and Zoom.

easter bunny necklace          lucky Irish easter bunny rabbit necklace

Apple iPhones use Facetime, and Android smartphones use Google Duo. The good news is, these apps can communicate with each other. You can get the app for your phone in the App Store that came pre-installed on your phone. These apps are both free and you only need to install the one that works on your phone. If you have an iPhone then install Facetime. We’ve linked to a tutorial to explain how to use Facetime on your Apple iPhone. If you have an Android phone then install Google Duo. We’ve linked to a tutorial to explain what Google Duo is, and how to use it on your Android phone.

You can also use Facetime and Google Duo on your other devices. To use Google Duo on your tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, go to https://duo.google.com and follow the on-screen directions. To use Facetime on your iPad, MacBook, or iMac, open the Apple App store, search for Facetime, follow the instructions for installing the app, then sign up or sign in from that device, and get talking!

If you would rather use an app that works on all your devices try Zoom. Zoom is a relatively new video-calling and group meeting service. You can sign up for free at https://zoom.us/ using your email address. You can then use their service to “call” 100 people all at once and talk for 40 minutes, all for free. Just like family dinner, one person hosts and all the family can attend. Family dinner at everybody’s house just became a reality!

To join a meeting you simply click the link in your invitation. Watch this Zoom video for help finding the link in your invitation email. This video provides a how-to Zoom overview if you are interested in hosting a “meeting” or maybe Easter dinner.

We hope these new methods of connecting help you stay in touch with family and friends even as we maintain social distancing for health!

Contact us with any questions about the necklaces, or any other of your jewelry needs.

Stay home, stay safe, and have a great week.

Safe Connections Social Distancing Easter

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