April 2020 Pendant and Ring Jewelry Newsletter

In the month of March, we saw a change in focus. People across the globe turned toward home and many discovered for the first time, what it was like to have an at-home life.

As long-time members of the #stayhome club Charles and I are happy to welcome you! We have reached out (virtually of course) to our neighbors and friends offering help where we can. We encourage you to reach out when it feels right and to tune-in to some self-care when things get overwhelming.


You are not grounded, so to speak. You can take a drive and look at the early spring blooms. You can take a walk and look for Teddy Bears peeking out of front windows. You can run laps up and down your block, or in your backyard, or even on your balcony!

As spring unfolds around us, take a minute to see the beauty of life that emerges each year, no matter what they say on the news.

Looking Back

March was a nice month for Pendant and Ring. You may have read about our Leprechaun visit and the golden coins he left behind, but that was not the most sought after blog post! The most popular jewelry items for the month of March include a ring and two stunning coin pendant necklaces.

Productive Posts

Working and Living From Home; Tips and Tricks

working from home tricks

What Does The Plague Have To Do With Jewelry?


A Short History of Coin Jewelry

A Short History of Coin Jewelry

Popular Jewelry

1950-1953 Mexican Coin Pendant Necklace


Healing Copper, Custom Hammered Copper Ring


Very Fine 1928 Irish Sixpence Coin Pendant Necklace



Looking Forward

As we look ahead to the rest of April we are excited about Easter and about planting our garden. Although we will not have a traditional Easter dinner, there will be new traditions born, especially in families with young children. Both Charles and I are curious to see how innovative these families will be!

Here on Pendant and Ring, we are looking forward to expanding our online footprint. We will continue to bring you timely jewelry news, easy to follow how-to articles and new additions to our growing catalog of Tips and Tricks. In the workshop, we are beginning to work with gold and rose gold. Although we are not quite ready to show you these new products, we hope to have them up in time for our international customers to give away on Mother’s Day!

Thank you for stopping by and reading the April 2020 newsletter! Welcome to team #stayhome, we hope you have a great April.

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See you next time on Pendant and Ring.


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