Are Masks Part of New Fashion?

Masks are becoming a part of everyday life. Are they part of a new normal? At Pendant and Ring, we think so, at least for the time being. This is not the first time masks were part of a fashionable ensemble, and chances are, it will not be the last.

1918 mask and hat designs. Credit:

Strangely, or perhaps, interestingly, masks have gained popularity over the past few years on the runway. The following images are from last year. The bejeweled mask would not provide any form of protection, but the green plaid from Area looks functional and fit.

Marine Serre  and Area Fall 2019 Runway Details Credit:

Cute products from Korea found there way around the world with the success of K-Pop. These types of mask come in a variety of colors, each decorated with a cute face – mostly cat faces.

Kawaii Mask Credit:

And this month, Vogue featured masked models on their Portugal cover.



Now that many of us in the Western world have Stay-At-Home orders with a mask-wearing directive, YouTube creators have provided many mask-making tutorials. Please be aware that most of these mask tutorials are not for medical-grade masks. The will help you stay safe but they do not make you invincible! Please stay home if you can and wear a mask if you must venture into populated areas!

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