Tumblr Tuesday #10

From 10 to 1, Join us for Pendant and Ring’s most popular Tumblr posts for April!

We start out with a beautiful silver museum pendant from a Viking horde. The details in the pendant are beautiful!

The quotes were big this month. Maybe we are all missing the sound of each other’s voices. ❤

Who doesn’t love kitties that make hearts with their paws?!

This architecture is stunning. The time and monumental effort that went into that façade was well worth it.

Pairing gold necklaces with a gold glasses chain is a bold move. I love it!

I can’t decide on the best aspect of this photo… Is it the earring, the nails, or the eye makeup?

This is a perfect pendant pairing! Not only does she have a sun and moon, she may have wrapped her heart up in that locket!

This is happy mail leveled up. (:

A hug that lights you up is worth all the city lights!

We hope that you have enjoyed our tour of Tumblr!

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See you next time on Pendant and Ring!

Jewelry Tumblr Tuesday Top 10

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