Happy Earth Day! The Upside of Quarantine.

Despite the causes of our Earth Day distancing, it is nice to see the positive effects our safety measures have produced on this jewel of a planet.

Tomorrow is the 50th Earth Day anniversary. In 1970, Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin planned the national holiday to raise awareness for environmental concerns. This Earth Day many people across the globe are celebrating from home and the environmental impact is astounding. Unburdened by excess industrial and consumer pollution, the atmosphere and waterways are cleaner, clearer, and the animal kingdom is making a comeback.

earth is a jewel

In the UK, White-tailed Eagles to return to London for the first time in 240 years.

Coyotes stalk through San Francisco and black bears roam the streets of Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, deer explore French subway tunnels.

Wild boar go sightseeing in Barcelona, Spain.

On the west coast of India, a civet cat casually crosses the street.

Santiago, Chile now has a Puma on the prowl.

The newly quiet cities have cleaner waterways and clearer air. In Venice, Italy as well as Wuhan, China, the change is visible from space.

clearer water in venice
Image: European Space Agency
less pollution covid-19
Image: NASA

Check out the change in air pollution in a city near you, with this zoomable map from The Environmental Tracking Project.

We live on the jewel of our solar system, and as far as we are concerned, the most precious jewel of our galaxy and maybe the most important one to all of us, in the entire universe. Let’s do what we can to protect our pretty blue marble on Earth Day and every day thereafter.

Happy Earth Day!

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