The Jewelry Store That’s Always Open

Need a little bit of sparkle?

Pendant and Ring is the jewelry store near you. Anywhere you have an internet connection – we are there for you!


We are open all hours of the day and night, and it is one-hundred percent okay to shop for jewelry when you are in the bathroom. We don’t judge!

You can visit our blog, or shop the stores when the no-sleeps hit, or when time flies and you need something fast. We are the answer to your Google search, “jewelry stores near me” because we are with you when you need us.

Also, as an established online business, we deliver! Your package will arrive in a timely manner, safe and sound. We have delivered innumerable precious presents to all of our faithful customers over the past years. You can look forward to a present without any snags when you shop with Pendant and Ring.

How many other jewelry stores deliver to your door, or to their door? Send a present overseas, across the country, across the border, or just across town with Pendant and Ring.

Delivery is part of the Pendant and Ring Package Deal.

Choose your favorite sparkle!

coin-necklace-charles-the-first     coin-pendant-japan-mt-fuji     coin-pendant-mexico-eagle-snake

silver-ring-wreath-floral     silver-hammered-ring     coin-ring-silver-australia

What do you think?

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