Escaping: The COVID-19 Day Trip

Charles and I sat at our breakfast table this morning bemoaning our state of consistent, unchanging, no-end-in-sight, lock-down mode, courtesy the coronavirus. We decided then and there to go on a day trip. The details are fuzzy; we do not know where or when, but we do know our Covid-19 day trip must not endanger our health. We thought it might make your day too, to go on a healthful, low-risk, day trip of your own. So without further ado, here are 5 ways to enjoy your escape in full health.

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Choose a destination.

Part of the fun of a day trip is planning the event. Where will you go? What can you see from your car once you get there? Do they have any car-friendly activities for the locals, perhaps a drive-in, or maybe a roadside attraction you can check out from the safety of your vehicle? Plan two routes, one to get there, and a different route for driving home.

Massachusetts State Quarter Coin Pendant Necklace

Massachusetts State Quarter Coin Pendant Necklace

Pack a picnic.

If Dr. Fauci is not eating in a restaurant, neither are we. To that end, we are planning a traditional picnic with a modest selection of cheese, hard bread, olives, fresh vegetables, and some kind of paté. Maybe some kind of thin-sliced picnic meat too, but we have not decided that at this point. To drink we will have water, coffee, and our favorite special soda, Sanpellegrino Blood Orange Sparkling Fruit Beverage: It’s orange soda, the best orange soda in the universe.

Utah State Quarter Pendant Necklace

Utah State Quarter Coin Pendant Necklace

Make a playlist.

Most vehicles have Bluetooth, or an aux cable so you can use your phone to listen to your own music mix while driving. It’s easy to use Spotify, or YouTube to make a personalized road trip playlist. If you find picking music tedious, that is okay too, just pick a pre-made playlist from your favorite online music source and get ready to roll down the highway. You can start the search today, or wait until the day of the outing to make choosing part of the fun.

Washington State Quarter Pendant Necklace

Washington State Coin Pendant Necklace

Pack the car.

Day trips require some amount of driving. In addition to all the necessities of a safe road trip, think about your comfort. Pack a pillow, or two, to increase the softness of your seat, or boost the lumbar support for your back.

Texas State Quarter Coin Pendant Necklace

Texas State Coin Pendant Necklace

Prepare your sense of humor.

No matter how well planned, or how carefully spontaneous your day trip is, it is important to be your best self on the trip. In order to get ready for a great day trip, we suggest watching a little stand-up comedy, or silly video that makes you laugh just before you leave. Getting into the car with your spirits lifted makes the entire trip that much more enjoyable.

Delaware State Quarter Coin Pendant Necklace

Delaware State Coin Pendant Necklace

We hope a day-trip helps you break through the doldrums of our shared isolation. Maybe next summer will bless us all with less alone-time and more together time.

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Day Trip State Quarter Coin Pendant Necklace

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