Pendant and Ring Newsletter for August 2020

Hello and welcome to the August 2020 edition of the Pendant and Ring Newsletter. First, I want to thank you all for making Christmas in July such a success! We really enjoyed seeing your presents go out and talking with some of you about custom pieces for the 2020 holiday season. I really appreciate the way you think ahead!

As you may have noticed, there have been some changes in our items listed on Pendant and Ring. Just to test the waters, we joined eBay’s affiliate marketing program. Coin pendant links, like those in this post, are mostly affiliate links. That means that you must have an eBay account to purchase the linked items and that we recover a small percentage of our eBay fees if you make a purchase through a link within 24 hours. Luckily, most of you already have eBay accounts! If, however, you do not want to make a purchase through eBay or do not have an eBay account, contact us and we can send you an invoice.

In this month’s newsletter, we have a review of the top posts from the Pendant and Ring blog, as well as some of the bestsellers during the past thirty days across platforms. We also have a few announcements regarding shipping. Let’s get started!

Looking Back

The big sellers on Every Magical Day in July were Irish coin pendants similar to this one. The affiliate link below will take you to eBay to view the details about this random year, Irish coin pendant listing.

Irish Harp Coin Pendant Necklace

Modern Irish Éire Harp Coin Pendant

On Honored Allies, Walking Liberty coin pendants like this one were very popular. Use the affiliate link below to learn more about this coin pendant necklace.


High Grade Walking Liberty Coin Pendant Necklace

This Scottish Coin Pendant Necklace is getting a lot of love in the Pendant and Ring Etsy store. Check it out, and while you are there, look at the similar coin pendants linked at the bottom of the description!


1613-1614 Scottish Farthing, Coin Pendant Necklace

Our top three blog posts during the month of July include:

How to Clean 3 Types of Enamel Jewelry

How to Repair a Sticking Clasp and

Top 5 Favorite TV Shows to Borrow Jewelry From – It appears that it is time to make an updated TV show list!

Looking Forward

We promised to keep you in the loop if we had to make any changes to our business, and we are sad to report just such a change. Although our supply chain is intact, we are starting to see problems with shipping services. We just found a new service provider to ship international packages to many countries. As long as a country provides reliable internal delivery numbers, then we will ship to that country.

Due to COVID-19, political unrest, social upheaval, or other unknown disturbances, many countries are having internal difficulties with mail delivery. The US is having a few trouble spots too, and so even stable cities may experience delays if your mail has to travel through a city experiencing disruption like Chicago or Los Angeles.

Bearing the web of mail interaction in mind, it has become too risky for us to ship to Mexico, Brazil, and Spain. Until mail delivery in each of these countries regains some stability, we cannot ship to these countries. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Additionally, there are delays in mail delivery in India, China, Hong Kong, the U.A.E., and Chile. If we sustain substantial losses in these countries, we will cease shipping to these countries as well, until their delivery rates improve. That said, we look forward to the day when shipping is stable everywhere once again!

That about wraps it up for us! As always, contact us here, or on Facebook, or on eBay through Honored Allies or Every Magical Day, or on Etsy, with any jewelry questions or custom order requests! We love hearing from you!

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