Silver Coin Treasure Found!

Treasure is always exciting, but when it’s a cache of silver coins we can’t help but be inspired!

Archeologists unearthed a regular looking jar at an Aizanoi, Turkey dig site. When they opened it, however, it was full of silver coins. The coins are from the period of Emperor Augustus’s rule, at the turning of the era.

All told, the jar contained 651 Roman silver coins, mostly denarius. Many of the coins feature the Emperor, some feature the assassin Brutus, and a few show Julius Caesar’s likeness, but that is not all…

Treasure Discovered in Turkey

This find more than doubles the 2018 find of 300+ coins in Milan, Italy. The senior archeologist on site in Turkey, Dr. Elif Ozer said,

“Of the coins, 439 are standard Roman silver denarius coins, and 212 are cistophorus coins from the ancient Greek city of Pergamon.”

Agency, Daily Sabah

We find it interesting that the coins appear to be part of a collection, as noted by the archeologists. The Coins came from the Southern Italian mints, and Greece, even farther away. Although the archeologists can speculate about the collector, we will never know their reasons for keeping these exquisite specimens tucked away in a jar. Maybe, like so many of us, the collector enjoyed them as tokens of past travels, or maybe they were saving silver for a jump in the stock market silver prices in 2021… or maybe not.

Until next time, stay warm and stay safe.

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