Jewelry Newsletter | March 2021

Hello friends! Thank you for stopping by today and catching up with us. February was a good month, despite the arctic blast and cabin fever! We are happy to be in March now, and that much closer to spring.

Here on the homestead we are planning our garden – vegetables and flowers, and thinking about planting some fruit trees. Do any of you have experience with fruit trees? We’d love to learn the do’s and don’t the easy way! Share any tips or tricks you have in the comments below or you can contact us privately if you prefer. On to business!

The Pendant and Ring family of stores were busy with Valentine’s sales, especially with these, the three most popular items across venues:

Silver Quarters really took off. The cold weather must have inspired buyers to look to the State Parks with longing. In that, they are not alone. We too, look forward to the day when we can get out in the world again!

Silver Hammered Rings were center-stage on the shipping table this February. We suppose that love was in the air and the heart wants what the heart wants!

On Etsy, we saw an uptick in the number of Colonial Spanish and Spanish coin pendant necklaces like this one.

On the jewelry blog, we enjoyed new subscribers (Hi!) and some traffic on these three most popular posts. Click on any image to read the post.

How to layer chains, for him.
A Short History of Coin Jewelry
How to Clean and Repair Costume Jewelry

March is one of our favorite months. With Spring coming, and Saint Patrick’s day we are busy with the stores and outside! As if that wasn’t enough excitement, Easter is only a month away. 🍀 🐣 Every year we have last-minute Easter Bunnies, looking for just the right present to stash in an Easter egg and in Easter baskets. To make your bunny shopping easier, we’ve put together this list of top-selling Spring coin pendants and necklaces. Click on the image to see all the details.

In case you missed it, we made a new World Coin Tour post this past month, this time stopping off in Belize. You can also see the coinage of The Bahamas and Papua New Guinea in our first and second installments of the World Coin Tour series.

Looking forward, we have more Buccaneer and Pirate Treasure Pendants, and some beautiful Maltese collectible coins ready to list in the Pendant and Ring Jewelry store on Etsy, and Pendant and Ring Coins, also on Etsy!

The coin store is really growing. Only our best coins are Etsy-worthy so you can expect the creme-de-la-creme of international and domestic coins when you visit.

Alright friends, here ends the March 2021 Pendant and Ring Jewelry Newsletter!

Thank you for joining us and have a great day!

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