Dior and Versace Fall 2021 Collections

In the past five weeks, the big players in the fashion world have presented their Fall 2021 fashion lines. Although there are more than two to cover, Dior and Versace really stand out this year. First, let’s explore the world of Dior, and then move on to the Versace La Greca code.


Dior held their reveal in Beijing China and I found their collection relatively tame when compared to previous years. I don’t know if this has something to do with the censors or more to do with Dior’s direction.

Either way, the Dior show favored silver over gold in all applications. Not only did they open with a silver lamé jumpsuit, many of their outfits included silver details and the majority of the models wore silver jewelry. Dior maintained the pearl trend for fall and incorporated charms on pearl necklaces.

Overall, the outfits were more sweet than sassy and carried a “Legally Blonde” vibe complete with pleated plaid in light, medium, and dark color combinations. On almost every model we saw platform shoes; Mary Janes and Combat boots, both worn with tall socks. The colors during the first half of the 17-minute show were rocking the “dark academia” vibes, but brighter colors returned after a brief foray into khaki and leopard print.

The dark academia theme carried through to pretend prom night under the disco ball lights. Sequins, a-line cuts, and sheer fabrics covered Punk-Esque fishnets and black bras. White button-up shirts covered any cleavage under crop-top and skirt sets. Again, I don’t know if the modesty move was a Dior decision or a Chinese Government mandate.

Speaking of the Chinese influence, the number of jumpsuits rendered in luxurious fabric surprised me. Mao would be proud.

The stars of the Dior show include berets and boxy Dior bags. The number one jewel tone was red and the brights were all, three shades off of their Crayola inspirations. Every model had straight-as-a-board hair, either loose or tied up into twin space buns. Make-up was minimal.

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The covid-safe, no-audience Versace show took place in a blocky Greek inspired sound stage. The models walked toward the camera and took one turn in preparation for their close-up once over.

Gold took the lead in Versace accessories and jewelry but mixed with silver and rhinestones for added flare. In one word, Versace’s Fall 2021 collection was slick. The second half of the 1970s heavily influenced the line, including but not limited to wide shoulders with wide and pointed collars, tall socks, mix and match patterns, straightened locks and natural kinks, empire waists, and platform shoes.

As with Dior, red was the only jewel tone but the Miami versions of all the bright colors were also on display. The vibrant hues made simple dresses pop, and added kick with colorful tights.

Sequins, sheer blacks, and empire waists ruled the night, as did wide and deep necklines on all the models. Make-up included plain faces with one bold stripe of thick eyeliner in a single bright color. Hair was straightened, unless curl or kink were present, in which case, the model went au natural.

Skater skirts, and a-line skirts with gussets at each hip (very like pleats) adorned more than one model. Black anchored the Versace patterns and showy colors in the second half of the 10 minute presentation. The first half celebrated the browns, tans, and oranges of the late 70s. Men’s trousers remain flat-fronted, and gained some movement in the looser shape Versace prepared for Fall 2021.

All in all, the comfortable vibes we felt in the Spring collections of the big brands continues into the fall, but with a wash of business casual. Imagine comfortable roomy outfits with gentle elastic in all the right places, making each outfit look like work attire and you will have the Versace El Greco vibe.

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