How to Fix a Broken Necklace Chain

Sometimes it happens. Necklaces break, but we can help you fix your chain.

Here at Pendant and Ring we make chains and we size chains. Sizing a chain is very similar to repairing a broken chain. There are only 8 steps from “Oh No!” to “Let’s Go!”

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how to fix a broken chain necklace

Step 1

Examine the break and gather all the pieces.

how to fix a broken chain necklace

Step 2

Make sure the chain repair will result in an acceptable chain length. Your necklace will be slightly shorter after your repair than it was before the break. Take care to match follow the link pattern if your chain has two sizes of links. You may have to remove more than one link. (see video)

Step 3

Gather your tools. Ideally, small jewelers pliers and jewelry cutters are the tools for the job, but if you don’t have them, you can use regular needle-nose and side-cutter pliers. If the links are small enough, you can use tweezers and sharp fingernail clippers.

how to fix a broken chain necklace
how to fix a broken chain necklace

Step 4

Use the side-cutter pliers or the clippers to cut the large link open. Then use the needle-nose pliers or tweezers to pry open one side of the link. Don’t open it all the way, just wide enough to fit another link into the opened space. (see video)

Step 5

Take the last link on the other side of the break and slip it into your newly opened link. (see video)

Step 6

Use the needle-nose pliers or tweezers to fold the end of the opened link closed. (see video)

Step 7

There will probably be a small gap where you cut the link. Close the gap by placing the tweezers or pliers on opposite ends of the opened link, then applying steady pressure. Be gentle, especially if the link you are working with is very small. This may take a couple of tries but you can do it! (see video)

Step 8

Test the link. If it opens with a gentle tug, then pinch the link completely closed with your pliers or tweezers. The repair may not be perfect but it will be a secure fix!

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