Pendant and Ring Jewelry Newsletter April 2021

Happy April!

Thank you for joining us today. March was a month of growth and change and we are glad to have arrived on the other side of it. In today’s newsletter we will review the most popular items across platforms as well as the most popular blog posts for the month of March. Additionally, we will talk about the future and discuss what you can expect from us in the upcoming months.

Things are really starting to take off on Etsy and we are grateful to have so many new Pendant and Ring people in the loop! Most of the items in the Pendant and Ring store are one of a kind so it is difficult to name “the most popular” items. Instead of discussing singular items, like we have in the past, we are going to talk about trends we are seeing in the shops.

In the Pendant and Ring store we are seeing a spike in island coin pendants. We saw an uptick in gold chains and coin pendants, as well as two-toned combo coin pendants and necklaces. Click on the images below to see more details about those items.

As you know, we opened a a collectible coin store on Etsy and we are only promoting it here. We are attached to these coins and although they are for sale, we like holding on to them too much to advertise! 🙂

In the Honored Allies Coin and Jewelry Store we saw an uptick in gold-filled items too, like the Roaring Lion Coin Pendant Necklace photographed here. In the Every Magical Day Jewelry Store the trend holds. Gold items are hot this Spring, and so are Victorian items. In addition to the Victorian Penny you see below, we have many other Victorian coin pendants in the EMD shop! Click on an image for more details about that coin pendant.

The three most read blog posts in the month of March were:

Now, let’s discuss the next few months here at Pendant and Ring. We are quickly approaching the six month examination, wherein we decide whether to maintain course, or change course on the selling platforms, and here on the website. You can expect a more detailed newsletter in the month of July after these decisions are made.

For now, we are opening our inbox to your suggestions and ideas. Use the contact us form to make your submissions anytime, day or night. We get back to you, usually within 24 hours of your initial correspondence. After that, the time varies depending on the discussing Charles and I have to do, in order to move forward in conversation with you. Our inbox is always open!

Between now and June you can expect a greater variety of antique coin pendants in the Pendant and Ring Store. We have learned that the older the coin pendant, the more you like it! In an effort to fill your needs, we are expanding our circle of business partners worldwide, looking for just the right associates for sourcing the coins you love.

We will continue to expand the variety of Colonial Spanish offering in the Pendant and Ring store, as well as older UK items, specifically from the Victorian era and before. If you have a special area of interest, or a time period that is near and dear to your heart, let us know!

Herein ends the April Newsletter! Thank you for joining us, we look forward to hearing from you, don’t be shy!

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