How to Choose a Jewelry Set for Him

Knowing how to pick jewelry is an art and a science that can be a lot of fun. Most men like jewelry, and the one you are willing to buy jewelry for will accept your gift graciously, even if it is not something he would buy for himself. Some men, especially older men, feel uncomfortable buying themselves jewelry and are very pleased to receive your gift!

Fashion and jewelry can be influenced by age group. Today, men from 18 – 30 are purchasing multiple, thicker, longer chains, while their fathers prefer single, thicker, shorter chains, and many grandfathers are just starting to embrace jewelry. No man likes a chain that is uncomfortable so make sure it’s not a choker, or so long that it gets in the way of his activities.

There are five steps in picking the perfect jewelry set for him. Before we begin, there are a couple of tricks that will reveal a lot about his taste in jewelry. Does your guy exude manly man? Does he rock the glitter? Does he bring the bling? Knowing his style will help narrow down the search. The number one, easiest way to figure out what he likes is to pay attention to the jewelry he wears. If he does not wear jewelry, that’s okay, there are other ways…

Find out if he is a Gold or a Silver guy by recalling any art, screensaver, or phone screen you can remember. If the images were cooler in color (calming scenes, blue cars, night scenes) he is most likely a Silver kind of guy.

If they were warmer-toned images (a lot of color or movement, red cars, sunsets) he is most likely a Gold kind of guy.

If his images are all about neutrals (greens and browns, nature scenes, balanced light) pick gold or silver based on his skin tone. If he has red or blue undertones go with silver, if he has yellow or olive undertones go with gold. Also, his height determines the length(s) of chain(s) that look best.

Armed with this knowledge, let’s move on to the fun part – picking jewelry! A jewelry set solves a problem for the guy who doesn’t know much about jewelry, plus it will boost his confidence. He can put on the set you get him without worry and know that he looks good. Helping him look good, makes you look good too!

Step 1: Decide on the number of pieces in the set. Does he have piercings? Will bracelets or rings get in the way of daily activities? Does he like chains? Does he wear a suit? Does he wear ties? Once you know how many pieces you are going to get, you are well on your way.

Step 2: What is your budget? Think about how much you want to spend. Keep that number in mind when you are looking. Otherwise, you might spend hours suffering from sticker shock caused by looking at $5,000.00 gold charms and end up running out of time.

Step 3: Focus on the largest and or most expensive piece first. What piece shines brightest in his custom-crafted jewelry set? Make sure this piece is meaningful. How does it connect to him? Does it celebrate a beginning, an anniversary, or his birthday? Is it in memory of someone or something? This is why we love coin pendants. Pick a date and you can have it, pick a place and you can have it. Whatever you pick, make sure it is meaningful to him.

Step 4: Accessorize. Now that the emotionally powerful piece is taken care of, dress it up with additional jewelry. Perhaps a shorter or longer chain in a complementary style. Maybe a ring with a similar shine. Maybe a watch or a bracelet that mixes the metal with a little bit of color. A tie-tack or cuff links that echo the focal piece. A pocket chain for a pocket watch, or matching pieces for his piercings.

Step 5: Bring it together. Individually wrap the items in tissue paper or gift boxes. Then place all of the pieces in one larger box with the largest piece at the very bottom. By the time he gets to the bottom of the box, he will be over the moon with the time and attention it took for you to build a custom jewelry set just for him.

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