Happy Revolution Day Argentina ! ! !

The 25th of May is a day of merrymaking and celebration in Argentina. In 1810 the population rose against the newly dethroned Spanish occupiers. Spain controlled Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, and parts of Brazil for years, but with the overthrow of King Ferdinand VII, the Argentinians saw their opportunity to cast off the yolk of colonialism and assert their independence.

It was Napoleon Bonaparte who overthrew the Spanish king. Napoleon appointed his brother King of Spain, and when the Argentinians claimed their independence, there was no need for violence. Their independence was recognized, and the first governing body was formed – entirely of local Argentinians.

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Spain did not take the news so well and continued to invade Argentina over the next few years. The Spanish repeatedly tried to take over the country but failed every time. The wisdom of the local government officials and the independent spirit of the people would not be subdued!

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