Summer Fashion Trends 2021 Edition

Sometimes it behooves us to look to distant locations for fashion insight. As a global community, we are all borrowing from one another and learning from each other.

In the spirit of exploration and adoration join us for a fashion tour! Summer 2021 looks like it will be a true time of celebration as the world begins to emerge from the pandemic. Although safety is still the top priority, almost every nation is seeing a decline in illness, and we are grateful for that!

In the seasonal fashion shows, we saw a few stand-out trends for summer. Many outerwear pieces take their cues from the delicate lines of underthings. Lacy, comfortable and formfitting tops with bare midriffs pair with long skirts and, bralettes plus wide-legged palazzo pants are all the rage.

In hot climates, we are seeing more skin while maintaining the casual comfort-first vibes that working from home brings. Tiny triangle bikini tops are making a comeback, paired with modest high-waist full-coverage bottoms in solid colors and micro prints. Coverups are all vibrant prints with a focus on contrasting abstract shapes. A bright yellow base with black, navy, lime green, and brown swirls and shapes that wraps loosely around the body, providing protection from the sun and accentuating all the right curves is just the thing.

For the perfect coif, it looks like the beach waves are holding on, but the flat irons will be coming out for special occasions. Date night? Try a simple, straight, and wispy style. Summer wedding coming up? Straighten that hair and wear a colorful and flowing jumper with a wide brim sun hat. Don’t forget your sunglasses!

Jewelry looks thicker and chunkier with a focus on silver, gold, and pearls. The wider chain is choice and the chunky choker is worthier. Pendants sit halfway between the hollow at the base of the neck and the breastbone. That is somewhere between 18 and 24 inches depending on your frame. Chokers will be just above the color bones and sans-pendant. The choker better be bulky, or at least w-i-d-e!

Rings fashions are changing too, which is rather unusual. For decades cocktail rings have been the stars of the show, but now it appears we are moving toward a more equal ground. Instead of one big show-stopping ring, wear two or three rings on each hand of roughly equal size. Thick bands are making a comeback along with pearl settings. Both gold and silver are excellent choices but save your stones for fall.

Here ends the globe-trotting fashion show for Summer 2021! Get outside (safely) and soak up some sun!

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