June Newsletter – Hello Friends!

Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 20th. Mark your calendar and get him a coin pendant and chain, or a coin for his collection!

10% Off and Free Shipping
on Select Coins from Pendant and Ring
For Dad this Father’s Day!

We hope you are enjoying your month of June so far. We have a number of fun things in store for you this month, but before we get to that, lets review the May highlights.

Top Posts for the month of May include:

If you have a question, an idea, or a suggestion for us to write about, you can use this Contact Form to reach us. We would love to hear from you!

Top sellers across platforms for the month of May include:

Island themed coin pendants, especially those from Jamaica and The Bahamas, are flying off the shelves!

Americana coin pendants and rings are gaining steam as we approach Juneteenth and the 4th of July. The Ellis Island, and Nation of Immigrants Lady Liberty coin pendants are very popular.

On the collectible coin side of things we have seen an influx in special requests! Thank you for reaching out, we will do our best to deliver exactly what you are looking for. When you reach out we learn so much. We learn about coins that we would have otherwise overlooked. We learn about history and events that make each year special. But most importantly, we get a chance to connect with you and learn about what you are looking for. The connections we get to build with customers are our favorite part of doing business.

What to expect in June.

This month we are exploring history with A Brief History of Juneteenth, visiting Australia as part of the World Coin Tour, and discussing how to safely display your Coin Collection.

Make sure to check out the the stores for new jewelry and coins for Dad as Father’s Day approaches and check us out on YouTube. If you haven’t subscribed yet, please subscribe! Once we get 100 subscribers we get a custom URL that will make everyone’s life easier. Thank you for your help!

Here ends the June Newsletter! Thanks for stopping by and we will see you next time on Pendant and Ring.

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