Jewelry To Watch: Movies this Fall

Welcome friends! If the movie theaters are open this Fall, then we are going to see these three gems. Join us to explore the jewelry possibilities in Eternals directed by Chloe Zhao, The Many Saints of Newark directed by Alan Taylor, and House of Gucci directed by Ridley Scott.

The upcoming Marvel movie, Eternals, promises a sweeping view of history with excellent costuming and jewelry. Marvel is no slouch when it comes to over-the-top cinematography. In this movie, they weave the acting talents of Selma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, Brian Tyree Henry, and more. This movie is a star-studded event!

The jewelry in the Eternals movie includes everything from prehistoric shells threaded on leather to the fantasy expression of magic. The headpieces, the gold embellished suits, and the floral garlands are all forms of jewelry, historical and fanciful. This movie is on the movie-jewelry list for many reasons, but none are as stunning as the expression of magic which echoes Mucha’s Art Nouveau. The special effects produce a goldsmith’s dream of delicate and swirling gold lines.

The Many Saints of Newark is a prequel to the 2000s cult-classic television show The Sopranos. It takes place in Newark, New Jersey during Tony Soprano’s early years. The jewelry in this show has all the vintage flair we love and glitters on all the cast members.

The stylish tie-bars and pinky ring worn by instrumental character Dickie Moltisanti, balance his tough-guy side with his “I’m a man who likes the finer things” side. As Tony’s greatest mentor, he is expected to feature heavily in the movie.

The young Tony, played by Michael Gandolfini, sports a large round gold pendant on a gold chain. Although the pre-release photos do not provide enough detail to see clearly, we guess this is a Saint’s Medal or a medal from the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s a coin pendant from Italy, you know what I’m saying? You can look forward to the release of The Many Saints of Newark on October 1, 2021.

Lady Gaga is just one of a list of stars to grace the silver screen in the upcoming movie, House of Gucci. This historic, crime, drama, thriller is a period piece with glitz and glam to spare. Not only will the fashion be top-notch, so too will be the jewelry. On one of the promotional posters, Lady Gaga poses in a diamond, heart-shaped brooch in what appears to be funeral wear. She is also dripping in pearls and gold chains, posing as Patrizia Reggiani at a ski resort with Maurizio Gucci, played by Adam Driver.

Spanning thirty years of Gucci history, this deep dive into the family’s misadventures and scandal is sure to tantalize the fashionista in each of us. The movie is based on a book of the same name by Sara Gay Forden, a writer for Bloomberg News. Not only will we be treated to Gucci brand jewelry, we will also review three decades of jewelry trends and the natural beauty of Italian cities and landscapes.

Here ends our fall 2021 list of must-see movies! Thank you for joining us today! Subscribe, so you never miss a post from Pendant and Ring.


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