Pendant and Ring Newsletter Sep. 2021

Hello and welcome to the September 2021 edition of the Pendant and Ring Jewelry Newsletter! We have a lot to cover; a Coin Pendant Q&A and new Coins for Collecting. We take a look back at August’s most Popular Jewelry, the most popular video on the Pendant and Ring YouTube channel, and new news about shipping times. Then, we focus our gaze on the future and what you can expect from Pendant and Ring during September. Thank you for joining us today; let’s get started.


We received numerous coin pendant questions during August. Here is a sample Q&A just in case you have similar questions!

Q: How can I clean my 28mm Haile Selassie Coin Pendant Necklace?

A: Your coin pendant is both silver and copper. That requires two techniques for cleaning. We have a How To Clean Silver Jewelry post that can help, and for the copper, use a mixture of salt and vinegar. Use as much salt as will dissolve in the vinegar. Make sure the salt dissolves so that it does not scratch the coin’s surface. Apply the mix, let sit for five minutes then, gently wipe away. If you want more copper shine, repeat the soak. If there is a thick layer of copper patina, you can use a soft cloth to rub the cleaning solution onto the coin. Be careful to avoid scratches.

Q: How do I clean my Black and Gold Indian Nickle Coin Pendant?

A: You have an enamel coin pendant. We have a How to clean Enamel Jewelry post just for these situations. In brief, start with an extra soft and dry toothbrush. Gently brush away what you can. If debris remains in the details, use bread (a soft bread) to press against your coin pendant and lift dirt and grime away.

Q: If I buy three coin pendants as gifts, can you ship them to three different addresses?

A: Yes, we can. Contact us through the store, or the website at time of purchase and let us know which pendant goes to which address. We will pack them, gift-wrap them, and send them out!

Q: Can you make this coin into a coin pendant?

A: Yes. If you see a coin you would like as a pendant just ask! We will make the pendant and adjust the listing so it’s easy to complete your purchase.


New Coins

Speaking of coin collecting we have some new proof coins, and some awesome error coins on Etsy and in the Honored Allies store too!

Popular Jewelry

Walking Liberty Coin Pendants and Keychains are gaining popularity month over month.

French Coin Pendants including Francs and Centimes are experiencing an uptick (probably because of the popularity of Emily in Paris).

The Bahamas Flamingo coin pendants have maintained their popularity all summer, and I can’t help but think that the trend will continue as we all continue to dream of summer vacations!

Oh My Goodness YouTube

If you ever use YouTube check out the Pendant and Ring YouTube channel. We are growing! Subscribe when you are there and watch our first How-To video. Expect more to come!

Shipping, or should I say s.h.i.p.p.i.n.g. . .

The US Post Office has made it official. They are adjusting delivery times on packages delivered long distances. Although they state that short-distance shipping will still arrive quickly, the new timelines, going into effect on October first, look more realistic to us – at least when it comes to domestic shipping.

Internationally, there is no official pronouncement, but we are all aware of the delays. As such, it is time to start your holiday shopping now!

Looking Forward

Over the next month, you can expect more How-To videos, a post of solidarity and celebration with Brazil, and an exploration of Cuban coins!

In the stores, look forward to a few amazing pirate ship pieces and a few classic beauties.

Thank you for joining us today! Subscribe so you never miss a post

… and we will see you next time on Pendant and Ring!

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