Sete de Setembro! Happy Independence Day Brazil!

During the Napoleonic era, Brazil took the first steps toward Independence from the Portuguese crown. After Napoleon invaded Portugal, he opened trade between the Portuguese colonies and wider Europe, including Brazil. 

On September seventh in 1822, Dom Pedro Prince of Portugal took control of Brazil when his father returned to the Portuguese kingdom. Taking a political risk, Dom Pedro sided with the Brazilians seeking Independence from Portugal. 

His support and official actions granted Independence to Brazil, so September seventh is Independence day in Brazil.

In 2021 on Brazilian Independence Day, some Brazilians celebrate “a return to democracy after years of communist rule” (Maleski). In 2019, religious-right leader President Jair Bolsonaro (member of the Social Liberal Party) replaced centrist leader Michael Tamer (member of the Brazilian Democratic Movement).

Despite the voiced celebration of democracy today, Bolsonaro said, “I want to tell those who want to make me unelectable in Brazil: Only God removes me from there. … There are three options for me: be jailed, killed, or victorious. I’m letting the scoundrels know: I’ll never be imprisoned” (Álvares).

We join in the celebration of Brazil’s rich history and the triumph of Dom Pedro. We continuously hope for a future with honest elections free from any and all threats of violence or manipulation. We celebrate leaders who acknowledge and respect the desire of the people, and do their best to protect the many, rather than reward the few.

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