Fall Fashion 2021 DO’s and DON’Ts

Outerwear and Accessories

Big, extra-poofy, puffer coats are in magazines and on runways. Some of them look like quilted Snuggies if I’m honest. In the real world, the more form-fitting puffer coats are better for showing off your shape. Be proud of your body and let your curves show. Gucci has a great floral puffer, very gorpcore gorgeous in stores now.

Statement earrings are tickling shoulders on and off the runways. As long as COVID lingers, we will have statement earrings, so join in the fun. These statement pieces are excellent for zoom meetings, yet they might be too much for an in-person meeting – especially if you pair them with a patterned mask. Also, the weight of the heavier statement earrings can damage your ears! Care for your ears first!

As autumn sets in, we have to put the crop tops away but have no fear. Fall is the perfect time for cropped jackets and chunky sweaters; for lovely layers and cozy, cuddly clothes. Cropped jackets, slim puffers, and sequin jackets are perfect for this season.

Art print outfits, especially the bohemian and mod styles, are coming back! As full rompers or suit sets, it can be a lot to take in. One way you can embrace this trend without locking yourself into a one-time-use outfit is to purchase a signature jacket, tote, backpack, or purse that you wear with a more subdued outfit.

The Clothes

Cut-out dresses, tops, and pants are super cute! Like crop tops, however, these looks are for the warmer months. If it could snow, a cut-out style will leave you in the cold. If you live in a warmer climate, then embrace the cut-outs. I see these trends lasting into (and maybe through) 2023.

T-length (midi) skirts are trending but typically a no-go. The reason is that the skirt length cuts your calf at the widest point. It is not flattering unless your legs are extra-long. If you, like me, are not so blessed, opt for knee-length or ankle-length skirts. Plus, it is easy to incorporate maxi skirts into your Halloween costume and help your rock the witchy vibes.

Slipper shoes that go places are all the rage for the fall. They are popular in the streetwear scene right now. Although the trend is spot on, I get the feeling it will be a trend, with a capital T. If you are looking to get more than one season of wear out of a shoe purchase, opt for similarly chunky shoes. Chunky platform sneakers or lifted kicks, or Doc Martins have more lasting power than these fluff ball slippers.

Athletes and campers can look forward to this fall and winter trend. Who doesn’t love the warmth and flexibility of ski pants? This trend is a new development in the #gorpcore category. I LOVE IT. No more cold toes, and hello Patagonia! Think leggings or puffer pants paired with a pastel tie-dye sweatshirt or slim sweater, and the puffer high-tops or chunky sneakers we discussed earlier. Are you feeling warm and cozy yet? I cannot wait to see where this trend goes.

Streetwear and knitwear have come together this season. Super-sized sweaters, knit slouches, and oversized cardigans are all the rage. These big cozy pieces are extra cute over something simple and snug. I love them, but the heft of these items is a lot to carry around with you. I have a bell-sleeved, knit maxi sweater that I love and rarely wear because it is heavy. Its length and heft make it warm but also cumbersome. Like the last time this trend came and went, I see maybe two seasons of use out of one of these pieces. If you decide to get in on the warmth, then welcome to the knitwear club! Just don’t break the bank on your purchase.


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