September 14th is a Good Day.

Numerous exciting events took place on this day throughout history, including, in 1752, the switch from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar (the one most people use today).

In the US on September 14, 1886, George Anderson from Memphis, Tennessee, patented typewriter ribbon. That development changed the way news traveled. It was a step closer to the kind of communication we use today. Although much correspondence has left the physical realm and entered the digital realm, the act of typing was made available to the general public with Anderson’s invention.

Before the typewriter ribbon, in 1856, Samuel Francis had invented something like a type-ribbon. His not-quite-ribbon required re-inking in a way similar to inking moveable type for a printing press.

If it wasn’t for Anderson you would not be reading this typed article right now! Celebrate the written – and typed word with this 1886 Morgan Silver Dollar, STRETCHED legend, typeface error coin!

The top of every letter in the word STATES is stretched. The stretching continues around the legend. Otherwise, this Morgan Silver Dollar is an excellent specimen with wonderful details in great condition. Check out that eagle’s eye!

On September 14, 1901, the much-beloved president Teddy Roosevelt was sworn in at only 42 years old. T.R. was nine months younger than JFK when he was sworn into office.

Roosevelt is celebrated as a great conservator of wild spaces and responsible for dedicating 200 million acres to the public in the form of National Parks, sanctuaries, game reserves, and National Monuments. He expressed his belief that these places were worthy of protection in the hopes that many generations could experience the joy and majesty of the land.

Celebrate the importance of continued conservation with this high-grade, 1901 Native American Indian, Chief’s head penny coin pendant on 28 inch long, 3mm wide, Sterling silver Figaro chain.

The list of events that took place on this day is a long one. If you are interested in learning more about today – check out On This Day – a great source of information for the curious.

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