Modern Money and Coin Slang

The slang terms for money are ancient, numerous and nuanced. The definitions of “money” as slang are equally plentiful. Can you guess what the number one slang word for money is? I was surprised.

The number one slang term applied to money more than any other term occurs on every continent. No matter where you visit you can bet that “dough” is slang for money for at least one of the cultures there. I wonder if this has early ties to human settlements and the need for daily bread? But then why isn’t the number one slang word for money, “bread?”

In the US, the word “money” is sometimes used as slang. If a person is extraordinary in a way that makes them stand out from their peers, you can say, “they are money.” Similarly, possessing an exceptional talent makes the talent “money.”

“Currency” can be used the same way. Celebrate a friend’s successes or recent accomplishment then close your statement with the word, “currency.” For example, “That dinner you made last night was so good, it was currency.” The use of “currency” denotes quality; that the subject matter was worth paying for.

“Coin” has very different slang connotations. It carries negative connotations in friend groups because coins typically have a lower face value that paper money. If “money” is indicative of value, then “coin” indicates lack of value. “Coin” is a derogatory term for a disliked sex partner, it can refer to specific anatomy, and can mean that something or someone is worthless. Sometimes, however, “coin” is endearing…

Every side of a coin has another side.

Myron Scholes

The exception that proves the rule is when discussing youths. A “little coin” or a “cute coin” is an affectionate term when referencing a promising young person who will grow up to be “money” someday.

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