What to Watch | Jewelry Edition

I hear you asking “what to watch” with fall break fast approaching. These are our top three what to watch tv shows for the jewelry lover. Jewelry can be a powerful tool: It’s all in how you use it. The shows on our top three list had to meet four criteria. Each show has to:

  • contain jewelry
  • uplift the viewer
  • show character growth
  • and be binge-able.

What to Watch | Top 3 TV Shows | Jewelry Edition

Hulu’s comedy show, Only Murders in the Building has some great jewelry, in part because the jewels are part of the plot! The team tries to unravel the mystery of the jewelry stash that Mable finds, and determine who the mysterious Angel is without unraveling. Comedy ensues.

Sex Education on Netflix takes a look at how jewelry is a form of expression. The new headteacher, Hope Haddon (very Dolores Umbridge vibes), cracks down on self-expression by instituting a strict and binary dress code that includes no “unnatural” hair color, no vibrant makeup or hair accessories, and no expressive jewelry. Say goodbye to all of Eric’s and Ruby’s outfits! The jewelry that Hope prohibits includes Lily’s hair jewels, Mave’s nose ring, and Ola’s LGBTQIA+ pin. Unaffected by Hope’s outdated dress code, Dr. Milburn often wears swoon-worthy jewelry with her colorful maternity outfits.

Delayed a year, What we do in the Shadows, is planning to release season four sometime in 2022. If you are still feeling some spooky vibes, this mockumentary is for you. It’s is an FX Vampire Comedy so of course, there are some amazing jewelry pieces. With lifetimes to collect all the perfect jewelry, I would have some stellar pieces too! If you have not seen this future cult classic, it is very binge-able and will leave you with a wry smile on your face.

Here ends our top three bing-able “what to watch” list for the jewelry aficionado this fall. Thank you for joining us today! Subscribe so you never miss a post and we’ll see you next time on Pendant and Ring.

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