New Year’s Gift-Exchange? 40% OFF!

Happy December! Hope your month is going well. We have a weekend sale planned for your New Year’s gifts. What a way to start the year, am I right?

The tradition of a New Year’s gift exchange dates at least as far back as the Celts, Druids, and Romans. Each of these groups practiced a gift exchange in celebration of the New Year and the specific deities associated with those festivals. When Christianity grew during the early millennia, the young faith banned the practice of gift-giving, along with the worshiping of other deities. The problem with this plan is that gift-giving is its own reward, and a hard tradition to abolish!

In some circles, especially in friend groups, the tradition of a New Year’s Gift-Exchange is regaining popularity! The space between family holiday gatherings and friend holiday gatherings gives people a little time to recoup, but not a lot of time to shop. Get started by choosing your gifts now, then come back this weekend during the sale! Go to the Etsy store.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

P.S. If you are finishing up Christmas shopping we offer expedited shipping too, available after the jump!

coin necklaces, pendant and ring jewelry, 40% off weekend sale

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