Best 5 YouTube Podcasts for Holiday Travel

Traveling this Holiday Season? Check out these 5 YouTube channels for some downloadable content to make your trip fly by.

For almost three years, from January 2016 to November 2018, John and Hank Green produced a YouTube podcast called, Dear Hank and John Green. The podcasts cover a range of topics with the Green brother’s lighthearted and frank style. If you have a short flight, one or two of these throwback podcasts will keep you entertained.

If fashion makes your heart happy then put this Business of Fashion show in your downloads. It is a Bloomberg series with its own YouTube channel where you can find clips covering all the hot button fashion topics in the news.

If you are taking a long flight, perhaps one of Dan Carlin’s podcasts can keep your head in the clouds. The in-depth history podcasts range from just over one hour long to almost six hours long, and they are worth the listen.

If you are looking to improve your metal health on the flight, then try a guided meditation. Check out these super chill guided meditations or look for a different meditation that has a voice you find soothing.

  • Masculine voice: Let go of anxiety.
  • Feminine voice: Mindfullness and being present.
  • Gender-neutral voice: I could not find any meditations with neutral voicing, but I did find a group of businesses, researchers, and everyday people who developed a genderless voice for virtual assistants. I think that is pretty exciting. You can learn more about thier project on the Meet Q YouTube channel.

The fifth YouTube podcast is actually a collection of podcasts. If you go to the TedTalk YouTube channel and download the titles that look most interesting you can exit the plane as a better version of yourself! If you already subscribe to the TedTalk channel swing by the TEDxTALKS channel for more goodies!

Lastly, here are a few music compliations to keep you company as you scan the skies for reindeer. Safe travels!

See you next time on Pendant and Ring.

podcasts on the plane

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