Treasure: A Story Based on Fact

Happy Holidays Gang! We hope you are knocking off your to-do list one item at a time and that you can enjoy the next few minutes because you deserve it! Today we have a treasure story embellished from real news. This story covers all the aspects we love about treasure, treasure hunting, and of course treasure keeping!

Mont Blanc and village. Emeralds and Rubies treasure story with pendant and ring.

Emeralds and Rubies

In a distant land, there is an even blanket of snow covering a mountain. The blanket is older than living memory so the locals named the mountain it covers, “The White Mountian.” Legend has it that the White Mountain fought battles with winter storms to protect the village nestled in the valley. When a storm raged the mountain would disappear, invisible to the people below as it fought the wild storm creatures. This was well and good in ancient times, but now some people take to the skies, even in the depths of winter.

Many years ago, sky travelers flew right into a raging battle. The mountain fought valiantly to protect the people in the village as it always had, and eventually, White Mountain defeated the storm creatures. In the course of the battle, the sky travelers became lost. They crashed into White Mountain.

Among the sky travelers, there was a treasure of emeralds and rubies. This treasure lay hidden in the blanket of snow on White Mountian until one day a brave climber was out in the warm sun. He decided to climb to the very top of White Mountain but he never made it.

Halfway up White Mountian the brave climber reached for a handhold and grabbed a rock, but it was not a rock at all. Instead, the climber had grabbed a box. Surprised, he let go and checked that he was secure in the white blanket before investigating the box further.

Upon opening the box he discovered a treasure trove of emeralds and rubies. The stones glistened in sunlight they had not seen for more than fifty years. The brave climber was so excited he changed his mind about climbing to the summit and began his descent.

Now, in the faraway land of White Mountain the villagers do not play finders keepers. According to the law of the land, the treasure belonged to White Mountian even though no human knew where the emeralds and rubies were hidden. The brave climber knew the rules and took the treasure to the village people.

For years the villagers fought about who would get the treasure, and the beautiful emeralds and rubies were locked in their box away from the sun. The brave mountain climber was patient. He went to other lands and climbed other mountains while he waited for the White Mountain villagers to decide what to do with the treasure.

After years of waiting the brave mountain climber was about to give up on the emeralds and rubies the White Mountain villagers locked in the box, but then, one-day last week, a villager reached out. The villager told the mountain climber that the fighting was over and they had reached a decision.

Excited that he might finally be able to see the glittering stones again, the mountain climber went to the village leaders and this is what they told him:

Brave mountain climber, because of your honesty, and itegrity, we hereby decide that you shall receive a full half of the emeralds and rubies you found on our beloved White Mountian.

The mountain climber was so grateful that the wait was over, and that he got to keep half of the treasure! He thanked the people of the village for their generosity, took his box of emeralds and rubies to the local cafe, and ordered a cup of coffee.

When the barista saw who ordered the coffee he was very excited. He had heard tales of the brave mountain climber since he was a teenager. The barista climbed mountains too and had reached the summit of White Mountian the previous season. When he brought the coffee to the famous mountain climber he saw an old map unfurled on the table. The map was covered in markings and notes made by the brave mountain climber.

“Are you planning a trip?” Asked the barista. The mountain climber put down his old measuring tools and took a sip of the coffee. He looked at the barista and saw the reflection of snow in his eyes.

“Yes,” he said, “but I prefer to call it, looking for treasure.”

We hope this flight of fancy lifted your spirits. Remember to take time for yourself during the holidays. As a famous climber once said, “When preparing to climb a mountain – pack a light heart.” – Dan May

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