Jewelry Newsletter December 2021

Hi, friends! Thank you for joining us for our December 2021 Pendant and Ring Jewelry Newsletter. As we welcome the wonderful holiday season with mugs of hot chocolate in hand, the P&R team wants to wish you Happy Holidays from our fireplace to yours.

Just as we did in previous Pendant and Ring newsletters, we want to look back on the best performing posts and on the most popular selling items of the previous month. Then, we will talk briefly about shipping, and what you can expect from us in the month of December.

Our top three posts in November:

Top 3 Hot Sellers for the month of November 2021:


At this time, packages ordered from the United States will not arrive in Europe, Australia, Asia, or Africa before New Year’s Day without expedited shipping. We offer expedited shipping in all stores! Act fast as this window is closing and even now we cannot guarantee that your parcel will arrive before December 31st. If you are ordering from Canada, Alaska, Mexico then you are still good to go. If you are ordering from South America, opt for expedited shipping and we *should* be okay… but again, we can offer no guarantees.

Looking forward to the upcoming month of festivities we are happy to offer you a special offer – for the time being – in the Pendant and Ring store on Etsy. If there is something you have your eye on – get it while it is on sale. This sale cannot last forever, and as you know, many of the items are one of a kind!

As for the month of December, we aim to keep the posts light and short – keeping the pace of the season in mind. You can look forward to some helpful and timely “how to relax” posts and a little encouragement for this first month of winter.

We hope you guys are having an excellent holiday season so far, and that all your wildest dreams come true!

Talk soon!

Get shopping!

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