How to Pack and Move Jewelry

The trick to moving jewelry without getting it tangled is to compartmentalize. These tips and tricks will help you pack necklaces, move earrings, and take all your jewelry across town or across the country.

To store your jewelry for moving it is important to compartmentalize your items. Sort and separate your necklaces, earrings (+bars, piercings, gauges), bracelets, bangles, and rings.

  • You can use paper towel rolls to pack long necklaces and toilet paper rolls for shorter necklaces.
  • Move earrings in pill organizers, or secure in buttons for bagging, or pin the earrings through a washcloth before folding, bagging and packing.
  • Using paper, wrap stiff bracelets individually, and bangles in sets, then place them in a larger bag before packing in the box.
  • Cut cardboard tubes into 3 inch lengths, then thread flexible bracelets like necklaces.
  • String metal and hard gemstone rings onto a zip tie, close the zip tie and cut the excess. Wrap the bundle in paper and pack with the bracelets.
  • Wrap soft gemstone rings and delicate rings individually in paper towels then tape the wrapped rings to a sheet of paper. Roll the paper up and pack it with the bracelets.
  • Pendants, lockets, and cameos can also be wrapped and taped as described above.

Decide ahead of the move, how you want to ensure the safety of your jewelry collection. There are different types of moving insurance, as well as jewelry insurance to choose from. If your jewelry is irreplaceable, an investment, or extraordinarily valuable you can (and should!) keep it insured all of the time. That being said, insurance is unnecessary for many collections.

To transport jewelry collections that are less expensive than your first car, keep your jewelry in one box and keep it with you if you are moving a short distance. If you are moving a long distance and you will be staying in unknown hotels along the way, or if you are flying, consider shipping your jewelry through USPS, FedEx, UPS, or the like. All shipping companies offer parcel insurance and signature delivery. These two things will solve 90% of the problems that occur when moving a jewelry collection. Remember to double-check your new address before shipping!

When you get to your new home, take your jewelry inside and secure it. Do not leave it in the hallway, foyer, living room, or other public space. Put it away someplace safe. You can unpack your jewelry after the movers, helpers and all other persons associated with the move have enjoyed their thank-you pizza and have gone home.

You can move your jewelry without it getting tangled, across town or across country. Take a big deep breath, you’ve got this. Happy moving!


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