How to Wear Men’s Jewelry

Men’s jewelry can add a layer of sophistication to your wardrobe. If you wear it right it can elevate your look from middle-management to the boss. Men’s jewelry includes rings, chains, pendants, earrings (including gauges), facial piercings, watches and bracelets, and body jewelry.

Two things to keep in mind when you style men’s jewelry:

  • Shirt collars are our friends and we should not fight with them.
  • Jewelry is an expression of who you are.

So many aspects of fashion are determined by personal style and taste. Men’s jewelry is popular because it gives the wearer a way to express themselves. Working 9-5, jewelry can be the only thing or one of a few things that differentiate you from your co-workers. Jewelry can up your game too. Use it to make yourself stand out, make yourself more memorable, and help you climb the corporate ladder.

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How to wear men’s jewelry in a casual setting.

It is easiest to add jewelry to your casual looks first. When casual, a t-shirt or sweatshirt is a go-to item. Necklaces layer well over t-shirts and sweatshirts. Pendant necklaces are appropriate casual gear too. Choose what jewelry to wear based on what activity you will be doing.

If you’re going to the gym for some cardio choose a thinner and shorter chain by itself or with one pendant, one ring per hand, any piercing gear you can sleep in, and maybe a fitness watch. Sweat can damage gold-plating and gold-fill jewelry and tarnish silver. Make time to wash your sweat off the jewelry too.

If you’re weight-training, chunky chains are good to go but skip the rings, bracelets, and watches. Weight lifting can pinch the skin between your ring and palm, and between a watch/bracelet and your wrist. Go easy on the body jewelry and be aware chains and necklaces will need some TLC after the workout to remove any salt from your sweat.

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If you’re swimming, leave your jewelry at home, but if you’re waist-deep in the pool and talking over some drinks, embrace the layered look. Check the post linked below about layering chains. If you wear jewelry, you are more likely to give jewelry as a gift. Announcing this willingness to shop for jewelry can only up your game.

What about hoodies? So glad you asked. Wearing men’s jewelry with hoodies is a great move. If the neck opening is big enough wear a short-chain. Women have been bringing attention to their collarbones with this trick for a long time, and you can too. If you are adding a pendant, keep the chain on the thinner side. If you want a thick chain, skip the pendant. This is a “collar” length chain because the necklace rests on your collarbones. Double-down on the rings. Be brave with your earrings and try adding some color to your other piercings.

Alternately, you can go the OG route and layer two or three heavy chains over your hoodie à la Mr. T. If you chose the layered look, be aware that the hoodie will make all your chains look shorter. Luckily, you can get necklace extensions to make your current chains long enough to go with your hoodies. Contact us to order your chain extensions today.

How to wear men’s jewelry at work.

If your work attire includes a polo or collared shirt and no tie get a short chain and pendant. This will draw attention to your neck and face. Keep the chain short enough that your third button stays buttoned. You are not trying to be Uncle Track Suit Vinny (no offense to any Uncle Vinnies out there).

Coordinate your jewelry with your belt buckle. Silver belt buckle? Silver jewelry. Brass belt buckle? Gold, gold-filled, or gold-plated jewelry. Gunmetal belt-buckles go with silver and black belt-buckles go with everything.

If you are wearing a collared shirt and tie, add cufflinks, a tie tack, a tie bar, or a tie chain, to your repertoire. One ring per hand, or up to two rings per hand if the bands are thin enough that you could comfortably wear two bands on one finger. Rules about facial piercings vary from business to business but the world is getting more accepting every day. If you wore it to the interview then it is good to go. Keep pushing fashion boundaries.

If your job demands that you wear a full suit or tuxedo then stick with the more traditional men’s jewelry including cufflinks, stickpins, pocket watches, watch chains, and maybe one personally identifiable jewelry item to show membership, highlight a hobby, or show your support for a cause. For example, you could attach a small soccer charm to your watch chain, or wear a Lion’s Club ring, or a National Science Foundation pin. If you have this kind of job and gauges, wear hollow gauges or solid color gauges. Your job most likely demands that you provide clients with confidence in your service so let your work jewelry choices reflect that.

How to wear men’s jewelry on a date.

You have already attracted their attention, so there is no reason to go full peacock on the first date. If you have piercings, fill every hole. Don’t leave anything undone.

Rings are good for dates; they can lead to conversations. If hand-holding is on your list of hopes, keep one hand ring-free or wear a small ring because numerous giant rings can make hand-holding uncomfortable.

Use the work recommendations to match your chains and necklaces to your collar style. Whatever you were wearing when you asked about going on a date worked, so look to that style for inspiration.

Watches and bracelets can also be conversations starters. Fitbits and smartwatches show your utilitarian side, traditional watches tell more about your sense of style. Bracelets and anklets share your casual nature. Anklets are perfect for warm weather dates. They show an attention to detail while maintaining a casual vibe.

Do not wear anything uncomfortable. This is true for jewelry and clothes. Your date might see your discomfort and think that you are not interested.

How to wear men’s jewelry to a wedding.

As a guest, remember that you are not the main event. Never outshine the couple. Beyond that, try and match the vibe. Is it a casual event with five people at the courthouse? A destination wedding with a white tie dress code in the Alps? A beach wedding with sandals and sunshine? Use the collar guide outlined in the work jewelry section above and talk to your friends or your plus one if you are unsure.

If you are the main attraction, then talk to your future lifelong partner. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Ask about jewelry early in the planning process when they are excited about the wedding and not stressed out. Don’t wait until the last minute, follow their advice, and don’t forget the rings!

Bookmark this page so you can find it again. No one expects you to remember everything here. Above all, remember that jewelry and fashion are personal and what you like is just as important as how you wear it.

Thanks for letting us be part of your men’s jewelry journey! Now get out there. You know you look good! See you next time on Pendant and Ring.

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