The Deepest Shipwreck To Date

Off the coast of the Philipines, a WWII vessel, sunk by the Japanese has been found. The ship, USS Samuel B. Roberts, was a destroyer escort engaged in a 1944 WWII naval battle.

The discovery was headed by Victor Vescovo who also found the USS Johnston, which held the title of the deepest discovered wreck until now.

Developments in technology allow us to explore previously inaccessible worlds. The discovery of this ship took place at a depth of 6,985 meters (22916.67 feet deep!). In addition to powerful sonar and radar technologies, Vescovo has piloted numerous deep-sea submersibles.


Small submarines like Limiting Factor, make deep-sea exploration possible. Vescovo used side-scanning sonar to find the wreck and the manned submersible Limiting Factor to explore the wreck site.

All actions related to the USS Samuel B. Roberts are undertaken with the utmost respect by the Navy man as it is a potential wartime tomb. Not only is Vescovo a vet, but he is also an adventurer, having summited the highest peaks on each of the seven continents, visited both poles, and explored the depths of the oceans. On top of all that, he is also an entrepreneur and founder of Dallas-based Caladan Oceanic Expeditions. Check out Vescovo’s business website for more information about this and other expeditions.

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