Junior Numismatists

Grow the Numismatic community by encouraging the people in your life to join in and collect coins – especially the kids in your life!

Here is a list of resources to help newer coin collectors find their niche, identify their coins, and learn about some of the National mints.

Coin Collecting Clubs

One way to encourage collecting is to connect with the community of collectors by joining your local coin collecting club or an online club.

In the US you can join YN, Young Numismatist, and find a local chapter. You can search their directory of clubs before joining. Another option is to Google your state’s Numismatic association. Most state associations keep a calendar of various numismatic club meetings across the state, accept new members at any time of year, and encourage visitors to go to meetings and find a good fit before officially joining.

There are many Australian clubs too. To find a club near you, Google your region. The SW District Coin Club in Perth offers a free coin to every kid that attends a show! The Melbourne Numismatic Society welcomes young numismatists and has partnered with Melbourne Playground to reach out to families of numismatists. Once a month, the Queensland Numismatic Society meets to discuss and compare different aspects found on coins and paper money. So far this year they discussed Fish, Funny Items, New Zealand coins, and more. You can find their calendar of events on the QNS website.

Coin collecting is an international hobby and you can find clubs in every far-flung location. Check your favorite (or your kid’s favorite) social media for a club in your area and get collecting.


Identifying Coins

Part of the joy of coin collecting is identifying the coins in your collection. NGC online coin catalog is a digital compendium of coins, showing both the obverse and reverse of a multitude of coins. The images are of real coins so you can see the way time changes a coin.

Numismatics OCRE helps identify ancient Roman coins. Use their search form to type in as many details as you can see, and discover what your coin looked like when it was new.

Mint Resources

Connecting with your nation’s mint is a great way to learn about new coins and coins that are not yet in production. Most mints offer newsletters that share useful and entertaining information about coin collecting. The links below are geared specifically to younger kids, but teenagers and savvy tweens will enjoy the regular publications too.

Australian Mint for Kids

Canada Mint for Kids

England Mint for Kids

India Mint for Kids

Mexico Mint for Kids

US Mint for Kids

We hope this list of resources helps you and your Junior Numismatic on the collecting journey through the wonderful world of coins!

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