What Kind of Chain Should I Get?

How do you know what kind of chain to buy?
The first thing to know is the name of the chain style you like best. This guide will show you the different kinds of chains available at Pendant and Ring and answer a few other chain questions along the way.

Rope chains look like ropes. They are made by linking many tiny ovals together in series so that each link is lower than the one before, creating a spiral effect.


Snake chains are made of tiny metal sheets connected end to end, then wound into a spiral to create a silky smooth metal tube.


Herringbone chains are also made of tiny interlocking metal sheets. Herringbone metal sheets are laid flat resulting in a wide flat chain.


Wheat chains are link chains. Each link is shaped like a teardrop that spirals around a center point creating a tubular necklace. When connected to each other the links look the like top of a blade of wheat, called a wheat ear.


Figaro chains are link chains too. The links in a Figaro chain are beveled ovals that follow a pattern; long link, short link, short link.


Miami chains (aka Cuban chains) are also link chains. The links in a Miami chain are of equal size and shaped like a squared-off oval, a squoval. The squoval is then beveled so that the links lay flat when worn.


What kind of chain is most popular?
At Pendant and Ring we receive more requests for Figaro chains than any other style. Figaro chains come in many thicknesses and various lengths.

Are thick or thin chains better?
The desired thickness of a chain is dependent on many factors. The most important factor is your personal preference. As a general rule of thumb, dainty chains look best in shorter lengths and thicker chains look better at longer lengths. There are exceptions, for example, a thick Miami chain that rests on the collar bones can be a sexy addition to an evening gown.

What type of chain is good for a man?
Men, and all other people, can wear and look good in any chain style that makes them feel confident. All chain styles are good for men and for people of all identities.

We hope this helps you decide which chain is best for you. For more chain and jewelry style tips check out these posts.

See you next time on Pendant and Ring!


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