Thursday Round Up | Men’s Jewelry and Style

For this #throwbackthursday we have a #roundup of five how-to articles about buying and styling men’s jewelry. Check out these posts to up your style and fashion game.

men's jewelry how to round up

How to Wear Men’s Jewelry
Have you ever seen somebody wearing jewelry and wanted to try it yourself? You are in the right place. This post can help you with all kinds of jewelry from traditional cufflinks, pocket watches, fobs (charms for the pocket watch chain), to modern chains and pendants, smart watches and bracelets, piercings, and other body jewelry.

How to Layer Chains for Him
The #1 most important thing about wearing jewelry is to wear it with confidence. The layered look is really popular in the summer over a bare chest, and in the fall and winter when all the layers come out to play. This post can help bolster your confidence the next time you go out.

What is Your Color Season & Why Does It Matter
If you want to look good, you need to wear what you look best in. Give your jewelry a chance to shine without looking like you stepped out of a time machine and forgot to update. Knowing your color season can help you style your wardrobe. Click through to discover your color season and look your best.

How to Choose a Jewelry Set for Him
This post is helpful for anyone looking to buy men’s jewelry, including you! In five steps this article can help you get from “I have no idea” to “mission accomplished.”

How to Order Men’s Custom Jewelry
If you have an idea of what kind of jewelry you want, then you want to talk to someone who can understand you. Someone who can turn your idea into reality. This post can help you get ready for that conversation. If you know what you want, contact us, and we will get started on your perfect piece.

Thank you for joining us today! Check out the stores and bookmark the business card for all the links to all the Pendant and Ring places!

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