Boy Scouts Coin Collecting Merit Badge

Welcome to a Pendant and Ring Coin Dealer Website article! It has come to our attention that Scouts need the Coin Collecting Merit Badge and we are here to help with question 10.

With your parent’s permission, attend a coin show or coin club meeting, or view the website of the U.S. Mint or a coin dealer, and report what you learned.

Merit Badge Series | Coin Collecting for the Boy Scouts of America #10(b)

People collect many different kinds of coins. Coin collectors can save coins from their country and coins from other countries. They can save circulated and uncirculated coins, too. Some collectors save coins in mint condition while others save coins in poor condition. There is also a special group of coin collectors who seek out the rarest types of coins; error coins.

An error coin is an unusual example of a coin. Some collectors love error coins so much that they gave them a nickname: ugly coins. Mint accidents make error coins. Off-center, bent or stretched coins can be error coins. Some error coins are penny strikes on quarter planchets, or dime strikes on penny planchets. But all error coins are different. Sometimes an error coin will sneek past an inspection lens at the mint and make it into circulation.

These imperfect coins are very rare and might be the neatest treasure a collector can find in circulation.

Every collector has their favorite type of coin, and each collector has their white whale. A white whale coin is a coin that a collector has not been able to find, but has wanted for a very long time. The term white whale comes from the novel Moby Dick by Herman Melville. A “white whale” is bigger than coin collecting and can be anything you have wanted for a very long time but have not been able to get, yet.

Deciding what kind of coins to collect can be fun. Step one is to decide what kinds of coins you like best. Step two is to figure out where to find those kinds of coins. Knowing what you are looking for will help you build a great coin collection. And don’t worry about a hole in your collection – that is your white whale coin!

Good luck with your Coin Collecting merit badge!


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