A Cache of Coin Pendants Discovered In Sweden

Sometime around one thousand years ago, in the neighborhood of Viggbyholm, in Täby on the north side of Stockholm, a Viking hid a large collection of jewelry in a linen pouch, placed in a small pot under the floor. The collection included, “… eight neck rings, two arm rings, a finger ring, a pair of pearls, and 12 coin pendants” in excellent condition. (MENAFN)

Hammered silver loops made of slender rectangles were attached to the tops of coins. The loops vary in height which might indicate that the silversmith created the loops so the pendants could hang on chains or leather thongs of varying thicknesses. The loop on one of the coin pendants has come open during the intervening centuries. It reveals a small hole, drilled through the coin. That hole means the craftsperson who made the loops may have soldered a stem onto the end of the silver hammered rectangle so the coin pendants could move freely on a thong or chain.


These silver coin pendants, a dozen in all, come from regions known to have been explored by the Vikings. There are specimens from England, Bohemia, Bavaria, and surprisingly, Normandy, France. The presence of the French coin is unique in that it confirms Viking activity in that area. Until this discovery, the only hard evidence to suggest Viking activity in the region of Normandy was a book of drawings made in the 18th century.

The cache also included eight neck rings. These pieces were similar in design to torcs of the same era. Torcs were status symbols and sometimes served the same purpose as modern wedding rings. Both Torcs and these neck rings were made from twisted lengths of metal, curved into a circle. The technical difference between these neck rings and torcs is the closure design. These neck rings are closed circles with hooks in the back whereas torcs are open circles, with ball terminations that sit near the collarbones.

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Read More:
MENAFN- USA Art News https://menafn.com/1105123095/In-A-Once-In-A-Lifetime-Discovery-Swedish-Archaeologists-Have-Unearthed-A-Cache-Of-Viking-Silver-That-Still-Looks-Brand-New
Smithsonian Magazine https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/archaeologists-unearth-trove-of-viking-age-jewelry-in-sweden-180981093/

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