Pendant and Ring Customer Service

Customer service is the backbone of any successful business. Your happiness is our highest priority. If you are unhappy with your purchase, unhappy with our items, or unhappy with our shipping presentation, then our business won’t last very long. Customer service is a priority here at Pendant and Ring. We want you to know we are available to help you with your jewelry needs any time; before, during and after your purchase.

Getting to know you before your purchase can be an important part of your Pendant and Ring experience. Through our relationship, we are able to help you find just what you are looking for. Our customers often seek specific years in memoriam of their dearly departed. A pendant from the year your loved one was born is a special way to remember and celebrate their life. Sometimes customers seek out heritage pendants. We sell many Irish, Mexican, French, English, and U.S. pendants, and rings, as touchstones of personal heritage. Most customers celebrate grandparents, or great-grandparents birth years or the year they moved to the U.S. Most of the people in the US are descendants of immigrants. Natives, or immigrants each one of us came from somewhere and that place is part of our identity and worth celebrating.

We also help customers remember specific dates in their lives. Matching lucky penny pendants are increasingly popular for seven-year anniversaries beacuse it is the copper anniversary. Some customers are surprised to learn that modern pennies are more zinc than copper, and so some choose older pennies, while other customers stick with the seven-year date because celebrating the date is more important than a penny’s composition. Your identity and memories are precious and celebrating them through jewelry is a thoughtful and classic way to wear your history.

Jewelry makes a great gift. A few years ago a woman named Carol came to us looking for eight, 1942, six-pence pendants; one for herself, one for her mother, and six more for her sisters. The pendants were a Mother’s Day surprise. We shipped each pendant directly so mom and each of the girls would receive their special surprise on Mother’s Day. The ordering process started with three pre-purchase conversations, then finding the coins, making the pendants, sending photos of the six matching pendants, getting addresses for all the parties, and providing tracking numbers for each of the necklaces. It was a wonderful experience and we were so happy to receive a picture of Mom and sisters in their matching pendants the following Monday. We are so lucky to be part of so many happy-ending stories, just like this!

Customer Service is rewarding for us because we get to share in a small part of your story. Our door is always open and we love to hear from you! If there is ever a time you have a question, or an idea or a comment just let us know. You can reach us via the contact page on this website, on Facebook @mypendantandring, or through Instagram @mypendantandring.

Until next time, we’ll see you on social media.

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