Almost Summer! Newsletter #8

Hello friends! We are happy to see you! Welcome to the eighth Pendant and Ring newsletter; you are now In The Loop. With summer starting this month we hope you can find some time to travel and share your pictures with us on Instagram @mypendantandring. We love seeing your pictures!!  May was a good month and June is looking even better. We have a lot of goodies in store for you this month but before we jump into the future, let’s take a quick look at the past…

Looking Back

The following three posts are our top performers for the month of May. The Vintage Gold Circle Scarf Clip And How To Use It garnered slightly more interest than the blog post detailing A Brief History of Coin Jewelry, followed by our third most popular post, and #17 on the May-Best-Selling-Items list, the – Stainless Steel Celtic Ring. There are only a few sizes left. Click the link to shop!

Changes to Check

Here on the Pendant and Ring website, we added a new page to make it easier to share ideas. Some of our favorite customers are interested exclusively in special orders. The new Special Orders page opens a convenient line of communication for you and our special order family. We are always excited to hear new ideas and help find, and create the right piece for the right occasion. Drop us a line and we can get to work dreaming up the perfect piece for your jewelry box. Check out the Special Order page here.

We have a sleek new theme on tumblr called void where we furnish photos of your favorite items from alongside engaging, modern and vintage photos from tumblr with the occasional quote. You can see a sample of the posts we share below, but for the full tumblr experience visit us here:

Looking Forward

You can expect a cameo appearance by the one and only Ms. Susan B. Anthony, some gorgeous booty from a famous 19th-century shipwreck, and seashells for the first day of summer. Susan B. was a famous suffragette who believed women should be heard as well as seen. A queen of suffrage, Susan B. Anthony was honored with the placement of her visage on a one dollar coin in 1979. We added a bit of glam and

the Susie B is dressed in gold and ready for summer! Following on her heels, we keep the pirate theme alive with a bit of treasure from a sovereign’s shipwreck bound for a far-flung imperial port. Don’t let your adventurous spirit stop there, keep it going as Summer Starts on June 21st! You can look forward to some great summer pieces as the month unfolds.

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