Heritage, History and Culture in Your Jewelry Box

The time it takes to build a jewelry collection is part of what makes it special. What is in your jewelry box? Do you have a ring that belonged to a grandmother, or perhaps your father’s watch? Do you still have the BFF charm from junior high? Do you have a star of David, a crucifix, the crescent moon, or a cross in your jewelry box? Our jewelry reveals something about us. Our heritage, history, and culture influence the jewelry we wear and the jewelry we keep. Thank you for stopping by today, and joining us in a brief exploration of Heritage, History, and Culture.


Dabotap Pagoda in KoreaHeritage is about tradition. Family traditions help people develop personal identity. Some traditions are hard to see and others are obvious. Making “Great-Grandpa’s Spicy BBQ sauce” every year for Father’s Day is a strong and obvious tradition. Phrases repeated from one generation to the next are a littler harder to spot. When a person says, “enjoy” instead of “you’re welcome” they might be leaning on their Russian heritage. If you are trying to make a decision and a friend lovingly says, “eat your heart,” they might be leaning on their Korean heritage where “eat your heart” translates to “make up your mind.”

When creating a meaningful jewelry collection, or looking for a meaningful jewelry gift, examine heritage. Traditions and customs can help identify significant meaning. A Russian friend might really appreciate a Matryoshka themed bracelet while a Koren friend might really like a pair of Dabotap Pagoda cuff links. What reminds you of your heritage?


History is personal, it is about you. Your history contains moments that are a joy to remember. You can fill your jewelry box with memories of these moments as they happen, or in retrospect. Commemorate the year you were born with a ring, or the year you graduated with a necklace. As gifts, these personal items are appreciated because they deliver three messages:

  1. I care about you enough to learn about your history.
  2. I care about you enough to remember and value your history.
  3. I care about you enough to want you to value your history.

The events of our lives help shape who we are. What wonderful events helped shape you?


Culture is about values. Your faith is part of your culture. The folklore of your childhood, the fairy tales, and the superstitions all go into defining your culture. If heritage is about parents and grandparents and history is personal, then culture is about community. Your cultural identity is worth celebrating. Wherever home is, it has meaning and it continues to influence your life. In the US we are lucky to see many diverse cultures in close proximity, especially in the cities.  In the United States we celebrate Dio de las Muertos, Chinese New Year, Ramadan, Hanukkah and Christmas. It is a wonderful experience to share in so many cultures. What foods and holidays do you celebrate as part of your culture?

If you are looking for a gift, or looking to add to your jewelry collection, take a moment to find a meaningful item.  Shop our store today to connect with your heritage, history, and culture.

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