10 Ways to Conquer Your Jewelry

There are few things more frustrating than finding your favorite necklace hopelessly tangled with three other necklaces or maybe three necklaces and one of the earrings that you are looking for, but only one. Here for your viewing pleasure and in no particular order, is a list of ten ways to organize your jewelry so you never have to deal with the nightmare of knots and lost earrings.

10. Paper straws are an excellent tool to help tame the tangle in your jewelry box. Once your necklaces are free of knots, open the necklace and slip the end through a straw and close it. Store your necklaces in their straws in a jewelry box, shoe box, drawer or other container. By isolating the necklaces from one another you reduce the risk of tangling.

9. Pill organizers can be used for jewelry too! Limit one piece per space and you are good to go.

8. For jewelry on display, there is nothing more rewarding than a #finditstyleit project. Take a stretched and mounted canvas from any art supply store and paint it to match (or contrast) your wall. Hang the canvas and use push pins, pressed into the canvas, to hang your jewelry. This method works great for four reasons: one, each necklace has a place where it belongs, two, you can find exactly the piece you are looking for, three, beautiful organization is art in its own right and four, there is only one tiny hole in the wall instead of a dozen.

7.  Ice cube trays provide excellent tiny spaces to keep all your jewelry separate and easy to see at a glance. Bonus! Ice cube trays stack and fit in most bedside table and bathroom drawers.

6. A tie hanger is especially useful in small spaces. You can hang your jewelry on the hanger and store everything safely in the closet. Tie hangers come in a variety of styles and finishes so it is easy to find one that suits your style.

5. A mechanics tool chest. Depending on the size of your jewelry collection a tool chest may be just what you need. Unlike tool boxes, tool chests come in many different sizes with five, six or more shallow drawers. Choose from free standing options or table top chests. Tool chest drawers are usually lined with washable no-slip inserts but if your chest is not pre-lined, you can use cabinet lining to prevent your jewelry from sliding.

4. If you are on a tight budget, you can use egg cartons. Each egg-space provides a nest for your jewelry item. If you have to move, place bathroom tissue or cotton balls in each space to keep your jewelry where it belongs during transport.

3. Re-purpose a spice rack. Wash those empties and store your rings in these bottles and stretchy bracelet in those bottles. Then keep your bottles of jewels on the cute little spice shelf. You can use tea-cup hooks (available on amazon and in hardware stores) to hold your necklaces. Just screw the hooks into the bottom of the spice rack and voila! Magnifique!

2. If you love #cottagecore you can use a simple or ornate chicken wire frame. Hang the frame and hook your earrings and necklaces to the wire. Slip brooches and pins through the wire and purchase s-hooks to hold rings, scarves and all kinds of accessories.

1. Last but not least, go old school with a cork board. Cork is available by mail; it arrives rolled up in a tube and you can paint it any color of the rainbow. You can choose to frame or affix the cork directly to the wall. Thumbtacks come in infinite varieties made to match any decor. Pin your necklaces, stab your earrings, tack up the bracelets, body chains and anklets making it easy to choose the perfect combinations.

Many of these options offer similar benefits. When considering your jewelry organization pick what you like best. You are more likely to use a system that blends with your style than one that does not. Show us your conquered jewelry with #pendantandring!


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