Who Is?

”Every time I sign a contract, I donate something to charity and buy a piece of jewelry. Whether the movie gets made or not, it’s a celebration”

Do you know who said that?
Oh, you want some hints?

  1. She currently stars as “Sugar” in a play that opens on September 19th, 2019 at the Public Theater in NYC. The play is not about jewelry although the title sounds like it could be.
  2. She is a throw your head back and laugh-out-loud Canadian comedian.
  3. She starred in a Big Fat box office smash in 2002.

Do you know who she is now?  She is Nia Vardalos, perhaps best known for her role in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Her new play Tiny Beautiful Things sounds like it could be about jewelry, but it is not. Instead, the play provides a window into the life of an advice columnist nick-named Sugar. The #tinybeautifulthings, are connections between people, and the feelings and memories that make life meaningful. The play is a big cup of heart as Sugar connects with the people who contact her column.

We agree with Vardalos that jewelry is a celebratory item and that is why we picked her for today’s “Who Is?” segment. So what are you celebrating? Let us know in the comments below or connect with us on instagram and facebook @mypendantandring.

What do you think?

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