Hello March!

Happy Early St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy Almost Spring!

Welcome to the Pendant and Ring Jewelry Newsletter for March 2020, you are now in the loop.  We have some happy surprises to share with you today, and a few of our hopes for the next month. But first, a word about new Coronavirus.

Although many companies within the jewelry industry source materials from China and are facing slowdowns because of the Coronavirus, we are happy to report that China’s slowdown does not affect our suppliers. As Pendant and Ring grew we cultivated a diverse network of suppliers in many countries, but primarily in the US. As the virus spreads to other countries we will keep our finger on the pulse of the jewelry industry and notify you of any changes that might affect your ability to receive an item.

As the virus spreads across the globe, our nearest concern is in relation to international shipping. To date, the virus has not prevented the delivery of a single package from Pendant and Ring or our ancillary stores; Honored Allies, Every Magical Day, Etsy. If we hear of any possible shipping delays we will share that information with you here. (Remember to subscribe!) Beyond that, we encourage everyone in the Pendant and Ring family to make your health a priority during this time of international crisis.

Jewelry News March 2020 Pendantandring

Looking Back

The month of February and its extra day proved as good as any 30 day month, if not better. The top three posts for the month of February include:

How to Clean Gold Jewelry

how to clean gold jewelry

Minimalist Gift Guide

Link to post!

Jewelry and the Metal Markets 2020

metal market prediction 2020

The top three best most loved items across all platforms include:

Lucky Bunny, Irish Rabbit, Coin Pendant Necklace from Pendant and Ring

lucky Irish bunny rabbit necklace

1950-1953 MEXICAN EAGLE COIN SILVER QUARTER Pendant on a 30″ .925 Silver Chain from Every Magical Day
Like this one:


Custom Cleopatra Handmade Coin Pendant on a 24″ 18k Gold Filled Box Snake Chain from Honored Allies
Like this one:

Custom Cleopatra Handmade Coin Pendant on a 24" 18k Gold Filled Box Snake Chain

High grade 1901 American Indian Head penny pendant on an Italian 28″ 3mm .080 Sterling Silver 3-2 Link Chain from Pendant and Ring on Etsy
This is the one! –>

1901 American Indian penny necklace

Looking Ahead

In the month of March, we welcome Saint Patrick’s day and the green of Spring! You can look forward to a Tumblr Tuesday post, an Irish Coin Pendant post, and a new addition to the Pendant and Ring Store! We look forward to seeing you as the month progresses.

jewelry pendant and ring newsletter

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Wishing you and yours health and happiness.

See you next time on Pendant and Ring Jewelry!

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