Non-Surgical Masks and How to Beautify Your Selfie

We called it. Last month we asked if masks were part of the new normal and what that might mean for the fashion and jewelry industries.


Now, less than one month later, people are on waiting lists for branded and bejeweled masks.

The fashion brands Off-White, Madewell, and Sanctuary are all producing lines of fashion-masks, while jewelry designers are busy working up masks that drip with jewels. That’s all well and good, but

You don’t have to get on a waiting list or become a name-brand billboard to fancy your face.

Look through your jewelry box, pick your favorite pins, use some earrings (as long as they won’t poke you), or order a mini-brooch and bling it up.

Remember, in these trying times, it’s okay and even necessary to celebrate life. Dress up your mask if you want to.

Early on in the coronavirus crisis, healthcare professionals started wearing decorative headbands with buttons sewn on, to hold the masks in place. It was cute and it saved their ears. During previous crises including the Spanish Flu, the Great Depression, and WWII women donned bright red lipstick as a morale-booster. The phenomenon was so prevalent it is historically referred to as the Lipstick Effect. Today we are seeing a similar response, only with eyeliner, because the mask hides our mouths.

Even with our mouths under wraps, you can spice it up. Be brave with eyeliner, and use bold fabric patterns, headbands, decorative buttons, brooches, pins, earrings, and your favorite charms to decorate your mask.

Whatever you do, let your inner beauty show!

Stay safe, and stay shiny!



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