May 2020 Pendant and Ring Jewelry Newsletter

If ever a month was made for jewelry, it’s May. This is the month to remind Mom how much you appreciate her! We have just the gift for the Mom(s) you love!

In this month’s newsletter, we will review our most popular jewelry pieces across all platforms, review the top four blog posts of the month, take a look at some nice gifts for Mom, and discuss some changes we expect in weeks and months to come.

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Popular Jewelry Across Pendant and Ring Platforms

Walking Liberty Coin necklaces and money clips stole the show on Every Magical Day. Click on an image to view the details.

walking-liberty-coin-necklace     walking-liberty-coin-pendant     walking-liberty-money-holder

Buffalo Nickel, Coin Pendant Necklaces were hot on Honored Allies. Click on an image for details.

buffalo Indian coin pendant     indian-head-coin-jewelry     buffalo-nickle-indian-nickel-coin-pendant-necklace

As summer approaches we more interest in the Lion coin pendants on Etsy. Click on images for details.

lion-jewelry-vintage-two-tone     lion-jewelry-antique-19th-century     lion-jewelry-antique-18th-century

On Pendant and Ring, we had some curious shoppers looking at spoons and bracelets, and our Irish Butter Rings started slipping off the shelves! Click on an image to see more details.

aztec-mexico-sunstone-spoon     italian-silver-bracelet     irish-gold-coin-ring

Popular Blog Posts on Pendant and Ring in April 2020

With a tie for third place, we had a busy month on the blog!

how+to+make+a+mask     Princess-Diana-John-Travolta

how-to-fix-a-clasp     jewelry-and-the-plague

Mother’s Day is on the Way ❤️

Mothers across the world put in even more work than usual in 2020. In the wake of social distancing and quarantine for those who can, Mom deserves even more recognition. This weekend, on Sunday, May 10th play Mom’s favorite quaran-tunes and surprise her with something special alongside breakfast in bed. Check out these tokens of appreciation for the hardest working woman you know.

mothers-day-jewelry-sacagawea     mothers-day-jewelry-bahamas     mothers-day-jewelry-france

mothers-day-jewelry-kitty    mothers-day-jewelry-gemstones     mothers-day-jewelry-seashell

Changes in the Upcoming Weeks

The United States Post Office is starting to feel the effects of state and municipal shutdowns. Shipping in some states is slower now than it was in previous years. Some links along the jewelry supply chain are affected by these slowdowns. At this time, if you would prefer a faster delivery we advise the use of FedEx, UPS, or DHL. You can opt to purchase these shipping services on any order from Pendant and Ring and our family of jewelry and coin stores. Contact us before completing your purchase, so we can send you an invoice with the price of upgraded shipping.

Changes in the Upcoming Months

As changes continue in the wide world, we will do everything in our power to maintain smooth operations. (So far so good!) We ask for your help staying up to date with local shipping situations. When you place an order, check the current state of shipping in your country, state, and municipality. You may be aware of changes in your area before we are, so please share your information!

As shipping routes open, close, and are slowed, we are looking to fortify our supply chain. We have reached out to raw material suppliers with limited success. Some industrial production facilities are closed until further notice and we wonder if they will have the stamina to weather this storm. Right now, we have nothing to worry about. We are looking to shore up our strong position with additional suppliers just in case the road to normalcy is rockier than expected. If this situation changes we will let you know.

Lastly, Father’s Day is in June. It is not too soon to start thinking about dear old Dad and what he might like on his special day.

Until next time, scroll down, subscribe, and stay safe!


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