Tuesday Tip: Summer Jewelry Care

Summer is a hard season for your jewelry. The extra sweat and sun exposure can prematurely age your favorite pieces, but a little TLC can go a long way. Follow these simple steps to keep your jewelry looking great!

Before you go out into the summer sun with your jewelry, check that all the end pieces are solid and in good working order. Make sure, jump rings, split rings, and clasps are secure. Check your ring settings too. Losing stones, or whole pieces of jewelry can ruin an otherwise excellent day.

We talked a little bit about how to keep your summertime jewelry looking fresh last year in the “Caring for your Jewelry *Summer Edition*” post. We warned against applying sunscreen, lotion, after sun care, and mosquito repellent to your jewelry. The chemicals in these products are not good for your jewelry!

Always use your lotions and potions first, then put on your jewelry.

The harsh chemicals in hot tubs and swimming pools can also eat away at plating, or cause metal reactions with your skin. If you want to take a long luxurious swim, set the jewelry aside, in a safe place out of the sun before jumping in. If you forget to remove your jewelry, just get out and dry off your jewelry as soon as you notice. Remove rings and other snug pieces to dry them inside and out!

Keep your jewelry away from chlorine and salt water.

Pearls and Opals are soft, water sensitive gems that are extra sensitive to water exposure. The easiest way to avoid accidental damage may be to keep your pearls and opals under lock and key if there is even a change of water interaction.

How to clean jewelry after a day at the beach (or pool).

No matter how careful you are sand will find a way to all the tiniest places, in between your toes, under your jewelry, and in other unmentionable areas!

Use a small brush to sweep away dry debris.

To clean your sandy jewelry, use a stiff make-up brush, or clean toothbrush. When the sand is dry, use the brush to gently remove the grains from the settings, scrollwork, and the small rings that hold your jewelry together.

Use toothpaste to clean away dirt and grime.

Sometimes a long day at the beach requires a little more clean up. As long as you left your pearls and opals at home you can use a small amount of toothpaste on the brush to clean sweat-stuck muck from the links of your necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and details of your rings, and toe rings.

Dip your make-up brush or toothbrush in clean fresh water and shake off any excess. Then apply a small amount of toothpaste, just enough to see, to the brush. Carefully brush the jewelry clean with toothpaste. Dry the jewelry with a soft cloth to remove the suds and grime.


Do not use whitening toothpaste to clean jewelry. Whitening toothpaste can contain abrasives or chemicals that can damage the surface of your jewelry.

Never use toothpaste (of any kind) on pearl or opal jewelry, these stones are easily scratched. Leave them at home on beach days and pool days!

Most importantly, be safe and have fun out there. We can all benefit from some fresh air! If you have any questions about summer jewelry care, let us know in the comments below!

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Happy Summer!

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