Pendant and Ring Jewelry Newsletter – June 2020

June ushers in the summer season, and what a summer the Earth has made for us. With the changes to each of our lives from COVID-19, and now the riots that are happening all over the US, we are living in interesting times.

Here at Pendant and Ring, we are doing what we can to extend support to those who are struggling to make ends meet in this trying time. Please join us in donating to We Are One | Somos Uno Resiliency Fund in Arizona or to the Southern Equality Fund for their COVID-19 Rapid Response Grants. Use the links above to make your donation. As we continue to practice social distancing, we must remember that we are all in this together.


Here on the website, in social media feeds, and across platforms, we have enjoyed talking to you and being part of your graduation ceremonies, Mother’s Day traditions, and spring birthday celebrations! Thank you for including us in the moments that make life precious.

May was a busy month, so let’s start there with the three most popular posts and the three most popular items across all platforms.

Looking Back


As we all wait for a vaccine to solve our COVID problems, the post “What does the Plague have to do with jewelry?” is increasingly popular.


In Zoom meetings across the world, dashing men are apparently donning their jewelry too. We have had a number of queries seeking assistance when it comes to layering chains.

How to layer chains, for him.

In the stolen moments between Netflix shows, DoorDash deliveries, and work-from-home responsibilities, there is still a little time to feed your curiosity. Last month there was a resurgence of interest in A Short History of Coin Jewelry.

A Short History of Coin Jewelry

Popular Items

Last month, across all platforms, these were the most sought after jewelry pieces.

Mercury dime pendants made a comeback on Every Magical Day Jewelry.


On Honored Allies we saw a resurgence in Lucky Irish Penny Pendants.

You can find this coin pendant on Honored Allies on eBay. The title is "PRIDE 1971 Bronze CELTIC HARP PENNY Pendant on a 30" 925 Silver Chain"

In the Pendant and Ring Etsy store, we saw a great deal of interest in one of our Roman coin pendants. As of writing, it was still available, but we don’t think it will last long!

You can find this coin pendant for sale on Pendant and Ringby following this link:

Looking Forward

We continue to monitor the effects of COVID. It has started to affect international shipping. Due to an increase in parcel losses we are currently unable to ship to Spain, India, Mexico, and Brazil. At some point, normal shipping will resume, and as soon as we can, we will reinstate shipping to these countries!

In other happier news – we have a couple of new items to present to you! We are going to start selling Saint’s Medals this month! You can look for them next week!

As the garden calls, we are spending more time outdoors. You may see a decrease in the number of posts but you can count on an increase in the quality of each entry. On Wednesday past, we introduced a new series here on Pendant and Ring called “Wow Me Wednesday.”


The first essay in the series covered the resurgence of neoclassical elements in fashion and jewelry today. Long-form pieces require more time and research than quick posts, so they will stand on their own, as solitary emails during busy gardening weeks!

Thank you for joining us today. We hope you have a happy Friday and a great Weekend!

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See you next time on Pendant and Ring.

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