Jewelry Newsletter September 2020

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August was a good month for jewelry lovers. The fall fashion shows returned to mind as the heat drove us indoors and we collectively longed for cooler nights. Traditionally, August is a month of preparation. Businesses set their sites on the holidays, parents and children focus on back-to-school shopping, teachers decorate their classrooms, and athletes look forward to the upcoming season. Then 2020 came along, but despite the changes, there is plenty to look forward to in September.


With the impeding cool-down breezing its way toward us, we can all look forward to lower temperatures and cooler heads. At Pendant and Ring we are setting our site on the holiday season, but more about that in the Looking Forward section! We have a few more shipping updates to share after we look back at the top three blog posts and the most popular items in the Pendant and Ring family of stores for August. Without further ado…

Looking Back

Our top three posts on Pendant and Ring for the month of August 2020 were:

How to Clean 3 Types of Enamel


How to Repair a Sticking Clasp


The Home Page! If you have been a member of the Pendant and Ring Family for a while now, then you already know how surprising this is. This is the first time that the Home Page made it to the top three! I am so grateful to you all for spreading the word and sharing Pendant and Ring with your family and friends. We value word of mouth above all else, so thank you for that!

thank you

August’s most popular jewelry items on Etsy are the Tudor Rose Era, English Silver Coin Pendants featuring Queen Elizabeth I. At this time we have two unique Tudor pendants listed. For some reason, the halfgroat is getting all the love while the 3pence is neglected! There is only one of each, but two people have the same one in their carts. Only one person gets to take it home though! Here are the pendants. Click on a photo to see the details of the coin pendant necklace on Etsy.

1567 Tudor Era Elizabethan Coin Pendant


On Every Magical Day, the Lucky Rabbit Irish Three Pences are very popular! Use the link, or click on the photo for more details.


On Honored Allies, the ancient Phoenix Coin Pendants are flying off the shelves! Use the link, or click on the photo for more details.


Shipping Update

We are monitoring the situation closely, yet there have been no changes in Brazilian, Spanish, or Mexican shipping conditions. We are also seeing slower shipping and more losses in Russia and former Eastern bloc countries, throughout SE Asia, and in North African Countries.

Here in the United States, Illinois, Florida, California, and Washington state are experiencing delays as well. Even if you do not live in these states the slowdowns may still affect you. Many Pendant and Ring customers live in the Upper Midwest and the Northeast. Your mail goes through Chicago, so be prepared for delays. Make sure you allow plenty of time (up 10 extra days) for mail delivery as we enter the busier fall season.

At this time, we are not changing our shipping policies regarding the new congestion. If, however, the losses become unbearable we will have no choice but to change our shipping policies. If changes need to be made we will communicate with you. If you have questions, check out the Shipping FAQs page, and make sure to read next month’s newsletter.

Looking Forward

We have some exciting website changes in the works, including a new theme this month. Charles and I are busy creating for you and as soon as we are ready to launch we will let you know! Make sure you are subscribed (there is a subscription box below) and I will send you a notice when the site is all glossed up and ready to glow!

Pendant and Ring on Etsy is getting a new feature this month too, in the form of videos! We will start uploading videos for your viewing pleasure this month. Again, we will send out a notification when it’s time for popcorn and jewelry night!

We look forward to seeing more of you this fall, remember #pendantandring on your social media so we can find you!

Thank you for being part of the Pendant and Ring family, none of this would be possible without you!

We will see you next time, on Pendant and Ring!

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