Jewelry Newsletter October 2020 | Pendant and Ring

Hello Friends! Like all months this year, we experienced some unexpected ups and downs in September. We are grateful to still be in business as we see so many mom and pop shops struggling across the US and across the world. Thank you for sticking with us, and thank you for joining us today!


As we review the top posts and most popular items across platforms we invite you to linger on the website. Check out the changes! We updated our layout, added a few new pages, added gallery links in the sidebar that lead you to detailed information about each item, and a video on the homepage!

Looking Back

Top posts during September 2020. We jumped away from our usual how to post and swapped it for another #tiptuesday post about earrings. There was a resurgent interest in all things Celtic this September, including Celtic Ring Money. Lastly, the masks made headlines as we enter the cold and flu season in the northern hemisphere. Read any of the articles below to get the full scoop.

Are Masks Part of New Fashion?

Top 3 Questions about Celtic Ring Money.

How to repair a broken earring.

  • how+to+make+a+mask
  • celtic ring money
  • how to fix a broken earring at work

The most popular items across platforms during September 2020.

Spanish Shipwreck Recovered Coin Pendant Necklaces were all the rage on Pendant and Ring Etsy in September. We enjoyed some great conversations during the past month and made some new additions to the Pendant and Ring family through Spanish recovery coins. (You know who you are! ) Also, we celebrated our 100th sale on Pendant and Ring Etsy last month! Thank you for making our dreams possible!

On Pendant and Ring Etsy

Authentic 1787 Spanish New World 2 Reales .896 Silver Pendant on a 22″ 18KGF Gold Filled Figaro Chain.

In the Honored Allies Coin and Jewelry Store on eBay we saw an uptick in Bahama Coin Pendant sales, specifically the Pineapple Coin Pendant on a Wavy Twist Chain. These pendants are so cute and fun.

Pineapple Coin Pendant Necklace

In the Every Magical Day Jewelry Store, also on eBay, we are excited to a developing interest in Victorian Era Coin Pendants like this one:

On Every Magical Day eBay

1854 Queen Victoria Penny Coin Pendant on a smooth 24″ Gold Filled Snake Chain.

Looking Forward

As the holidays near, we are incorporating some more traditional jewelry design. You can find these new items, primarily on Every Magical Day. Look for a link to a lovely gold, red, and white bracelet later in the month!

On Pendant and Ring Etsy we were chosen to participate in Beta testing for videos in our listings! You can see our first attempts at video-sharing by clicking on the following image. Let us know (and tell Etsy) what you think of the new video feature.

We are gearing up for an increase in gift shipping this holiday season. We are prepared for the extra addresses, the multiple gifts, and the pretty wrappings! As always, we continue to ship quickly, Monday through Saturday. Remember that you can upgrade your package to include free gift shipping, and not just for the holidays, we do birthday gift shipping too! Gift shipping includes wrapping paper, or a gift box, and a note! Contact us at the time of purchase for all the details!

As you know, there have been some slowdowns in major shipping hubs domestically and internationally. In addition to these slowdowns, the Post Office is dealing with changes in management and an election with numerous mail-in ballots. Learning new systems during a period of increased mail volume is going to be difficult for our mail carriers. Post office workers are doing their best in a difficult situation. Give them the gift of time by ordering your Holiday gifts early!

Enjoy you candy this month and the colors that nature provides with a change of season! We look forward to helping you make this Holiday Season the best it can be.

Subscribe (in the sidebar) so you never miss a post and we will see you next time on Pendant and Ring!


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