November Newsletter 2020 Pendant and Ring Jewelry

Hello! Thank you for joining us on this lovely November day. Did you enjoy your Halloween? We saw a number of ghouls and goblins at the end of our driveway. What a weird night of trick-or-treating that was. We’ve got a lot to cover in the November newsletter, but first I just have to know: Are you as excited about the holidays as we are? It’s been a long and unusual year thus far, and we are looking forward to kissing it goodbye. 😉

Looking back we usually highlight three specific items but last month custom orders picked up. Most people wanted 26-inch-long chains and everybody wanted a pendant that was representative of their heritage.

October is a special month when it comes to connecting with personal identity, and a great portion of our identity is derived from our heritage. From Egypt to South Africa vibrant cultures coexist and flourish, spreading ideas across the world. The Vikings traveled far and wide and left their mark on every corner of Europe, the Silk Road connected the bustling East Asian markets with the Middle East, and the trade between Native American tribal groups spanned two continents. Connecting with our past is a theme that starts in October but continues through November as we celebrate Native American Heritage Month and the generous Wampanoag blessings bestowed on the first European immigrants.

See this Cleopatra Coin Pendant Necklace in the Honored Allies Store on Ebay.
See this Japanese Mt. Fuji Coin Pendant Necklace in the Pendant and Ring Store on Etsy.
See this Sacagawea Coin Pendant Necklace in the Every Magical Day store on Ebay.

The three most popular posts on the Pendant and Ring Jewelry Blog in October were (drumroll please….)

How to Clean and Repair Costume Jewelry
How to layer chains, for him.
how to fix a broken earring at work

Looking forward we will continue with the monthly videos visible on the main page, and on YouTube. Have you seen the videos? We are as bad as first-year film students (or worse) but we are learning! Subscribe to the Pendant&Ring channel on YouTube if you haven’t already!

Watch for our Holiday Kickoff sale on the 27th, 28th, and the 29th of this month. Don’t worry, I’ll send out reminders, just make sure you’re subscribed!

In closing, now is the time to contact us with your special requests for the perfect presents. We can help you craft just the right gifts and make sure they arrive on time – if you order soon! 🎁

Enjoy your day, enjoy your week, and let’s enjoy this holiday season together.

We look forward to hearing from you, talk soon!

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