Pendant and Ring Jewelry July Newsletter 2021

Happy Summer, Friends!

Now that the sixth month of the year is over, it is time for self-reflection. In this month’s newsletter, we look back at the past six months and forward to the next six months!

On the blog, we have had great success in the how-to department so, we hope to spend some time enriching that category. If you have jewelry questions or work from home questions – ask us! You can ask in the comments or send a private message. If we use your question for a post we will let you know first!

In addition to the how-to posts, we have seen more interest in celebrity jewelry articles. So you can look forward to more posts highlighting celebrities from the past and present. We have also seen more clicks on television show jewelry reviews. Some characters have excellent taste in jewelry! Lastly, it appears that many of you enjoy the holiday histories. You can look forward to more of those as the dates come and go.

Top three posts of the past 30 days:

How to Layer Chains For Him

A Short History of Coin Jewelry

How to Fix a Broken Necklace Chain

Top three most popular pendants of the past 30 days:

Mexico Silver Peso Coin Pendant Necklaces

English Six Pence Coin Pendant Necklaces

Irish Half Crown, Horse Coin Pendant Necklaces

Thank you for tuning in, and thank you for being part of the Pendant and Ring family! Not part of the family yet? Subscribe here!

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